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Mole Poblano

Mole poblano is a Mexican hot sauce made of chili peppers and various other ingredients (a total of twenty ingredients are used for making the sauce). It is considered to be the national dish of Mexico and is said to be named after the Mexican state of Puebla, as 'poblano' means 'of puebla' in Spanish. 'Mole' is a general term used for a wide variety of Mexican sauces. Mole poblano is a thick sauce which has a smooth consistency, unlike most other Mexican sauces that have easily visible food chuncks like tomato, garlic, onion and chili peppers in them.

Mole Poblano Recipe Overview


Ingredients used to prepare mole poblano usually include at least three different types of dried chili peppers, Mexican chocolate, ground nuts, oregano, salt, chicken broth, garlic, onions and avocado leaves. Bread crumbs or crackers in crushed form are used to thicken the sauce. Chili peppers chosen for making the sauce depend upon availability and personal choice. Most commonly used chili peppers include mulato, chipotle, ancho and pasilla. Mexican chocolate used for the sauce is a blend of cinnamon, sugar and ground cacao. Almonds and sesame seeds are often included as ingredients.

Method of Preparation

The mole poblano recipe shows numerous variations. As per commonly followed recipes, garlic, onion (sliced) and dried chili peppers are first fried lightly in oil, and then blended with the other ingredients in a blender till a smooth consistency is achieved. The chicken broth is slowly added to these, stirring continuously over medium to low heat till the flavors have blended well. The thickening agent is then added to it and the contents cooked till the desired level of viscosity is achieved.

The method of the preparation is very time consuming and hence, it is usually prepared in large batches and then, frozen for use later on.

Serving Mole Poblano

The sauce is served during Christmas celebrations, with turkey. It is also served during the celebrations of Cinco de Mayo Festival, held in the Puebla State. It is often a part of the celebratory dinners on the occasions like baptisms, birthdays, weddings, first communions, etc. The sauce can be served as an accompaniment to chicken, beef and pork dishes. It is also served on corn tortillas with chicken filling.

Recipes Similar to Mole Poblano Recipe

Though mole poblano is the best known of all Mexican moles, and has been ranked first in the list of typical dishes from Mexico, there are many other moles prepared regionally, and some such examples are mentioned below-

  • Mole verde is a sauce from the state of Oaxaca that is prepared fresh from herbs native to the region.
  • Mole Almendrado is a mole made with almonds, and native to San Pedro Atocpan region.
  • Mole Nergo is a sauce which is darker in color than mole poblano although it is similar in texture and consistency.