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Mexican Soup

Mexican soup, also known as Menudo, is a beef based, uniquely flavored dish prepared in red-chili base or clear broth. The soup is traditional to Mexico and often includes chopped onions, cilantro and lime. At times, crushed red pepper and oregano are also added in the recipe. The stew is rich in nutrition content as it is prepared in vegetable based broth, and is considered to be good for both grown-ups and kids.

Cultural Influence on Menudo

The making of Mexican soup is a tedious and time consuming process, in which the whole family participates. Also, various kinds of side dishes need to be prepared along with this Mexican stew. Preparation of the soup and the side dishes serves as a special occasion for interacting with each other, and is often consumed at feast. In Arizona, the dish is specially prepared to celebrate various occasions, like Christmas and birth of a little one.

Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview of Menudo

Beef, salt, onions, garlic, red chili paste are the main ingredients required in the preparation of this Mexican soup.

The preparation of the soup takes around five to six hours, in which the meat is cleaned properly, the tendons and feet are boiled in water, and later on stomach meat is added along with chopped onions, garlic and salt. Chili paste is added to attain red menudo and the mix is simmered for a few hours, to which hominy is added in the end before serving.

Serving and Eating Menudo

This soup is usually chilled and heated again to attain an intense flavor. Thereafter, it is served with bread or tortillas.

Mexican Soup Recipes- Regional Variations

In Mexico itself, the Mexican soup recipe may vary from one region to another. A few variations are discussed hereunder:

  • In north Mexico, hominy is added to the basic recipe.

  • In northwest Mexico, white or Blanco variation of the soup is mostly seen.

  • In central Mexico, the soup consists of sheep stomach.

  • In Texas region, yellow hominy is used in the preparation process.

The soup is also popular in US, in which pig’s feet is added in the recipe. Most of the restaurants in US have this soup on their menu on Friday and Saturday.

A Few Mexican Soup Recipes

  • Hot and spicy Mexican soup- in this recipe variation, tomatoes are boiled, blended, strained, and sautéed with onion, bell pepper, garlic, celery, and carrot in olive oil. Kidney beans, coriander leaves, lemon juice, bell pepper, and tomato soup are added and the mix is boiled, seasoned with black pepper and salt, and served hot.

  • Red Menudo- In this recipe variation, red chili paste is added to the basic recipe to attain red colored and little spicy stew.

  • Mexican Fiesta Soup- in this Mexican soup recipe, chicken broth, chicken cubes, corn, salsa, green chilies, green onions, cilantro leaves, and long grain rice are combined together, boiled, simmered for a few hours, and served with cheese.