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Mexican Cheese

Mexican cheese is known all over the world for its distinct taste and texture and is commonly used in a number of Mexican cheese recipes. The cheese is available in many varieties from soft to semi soft to semi firm and hard cheese. Criollo, Fresco and Manchengo are some of the popular Mexican cheese varieties.

History And Origin Of Cheese in Mexico

The Mexican cheese is said to have originated after Spanish came to this place. The cows, goats and sheep were brought and cheese making became a common culinary tradition. Before that there was no inclusion of dairy products in Mexican diet. Gradually, cheese became a staple food and variations started developing. The first cheeses in Mexico were made in Altos de Jalisco and Comarca Lagunera region in Coahuila and Durango. After a while, Chihuahua, Oaxaca, Queretaro, Tlaxcala, Puebla Toluca, Guanajuato also evolved as cheese developing areas of Mexico.

Popular Mexican Cheese Varieties

Mexico is known for different cheese types. There are a number of mexican Cheese recipes famous through out the world.The broader categories of cheese are the fresh cheese, semi soft cheese, soft cheese, semi firm cheese and firm cheese. Here are some of them

Fresh cheese

  1. Quesco Fresco- This cheese has a spongy texture and is used in a variety of Mexican recipes including torquitos, enchiladas and botanas. The cheese came to Mexico from Burgos in Spain and is produced by combining the milk of cow and goat.
  2. Quesco blanco- It is white cheese made from the milk of cow and has similarities of cottage cheese and mozzarella. This cheese serves well as a filling for enchiladas.
  3. Requeson- This cheese is similar to Ricotta and has a creamy texture.
  4. Queso añejo – A soft cheese which is an aged form of queso fresco; it is mainly used for garnishing in many dishes of Mexican cuisine.
  5. Queso oaxaca: The other name for this cheese is quesillo and it is used for preparing quesadillas.

Semi soft cheese

  1. Queso asadero- A melting cheese, which is an important ingredient in the Mexican cheese Fondue
  2. Quesco Chihuahua- This is a yellow colored cheese with a mild flavor and was first made by the Mennonites of Northern Mexico. It is mainly used for preparing a cheese dish known as queso fritto.

Semi firm cheese

  1. Queso criollo- This cheese is pale yellow in color and produced in Taxco and Guerrero.
  2. Queso manchengo- This cheese variety has a buttery texture and is available in the Northern Mexico. It is mostly relished with fruits and crackers.

Firm cheese

  1. Queso anejo enchilada- A spicy cheese variety, it is mostly relished as a snack.
  2. Queso cotijo- Also known as Parmesan of Mexico, cotijo has a fragile texture and is made of goat milk. This cheese type is usually served with Botanas.