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Margarita is a blended drink that is a favorite mainly with the North Americans. This tequila based cocktail is traditionally mixed with triple sec and lime or lemon juice in a proportion of 7:4:3 i.e., 50% tequila, 29% triple sec and 21% fresh lime juice. The drink is usually served with frozen salt on the rim. There are different ways to serve the drink, such as shaken with ice, blended with ice, which is also known as ‘frozen margarita’, on the rocks and served even without ice, which is also known as ‘straight up’. Today, there are many variations of this cocktail that have different ingredients other than triple sec and lime juice. A variation of the basic recipe of this drink can be made by replacing triple sec with orange flavored or citrus flavored liqueurs and the fresh lime juice with bottled lime juice, frozen limeade, or sour mix. Similarly, there are innumerable variations to the recipe of this drink.

History of Margarita Recipe

Margarita has a history that dates back to 1934 when the first recipe of the drink was created with the basic ingredients i.e., tequila, triple sec and lime juice, by a barman called “Willie”, who was employed by the Melguizo family in Mexico. There is another story that does the rounds about Daniel Negrete, the owner of a hotel called ‘Garci Crispo’, having made a drink similar to the cocktail with the same basic ingredients in the proportion of 1:1:1. This is followed by another story about the origin of the recipe, wherein Danny Herrera, a popular Mexican bartender at the Riviera del Pacifico Hotel and Casino was in love with Marjorie King and in order to woo her, he came up with the drink with tequila as the main ingredient as Ms. King could tolerate only this liquor, though she hated this in its pure form. Thereafter followed many more claims to innovative recipes, one of them having been prepared and made popular by the “Tail ’o’ the Cock” restaurant in Log Angeles and the last claim to fame being made by Margaret Sames who prepared the cocktail in the year 1948 at her Acapulco bar. She came up with the closest recipe of what is popular today, with tequila, cointreau (triple sec) and lime juice being mixed in a proportion of 2:1:1. The cocktail glass rim was garnished with salt, as tequila which was the base of the drink, is usually followed by a lick of salt. This particular recipe is the closest to today’s version of the cocktail.

Methods of Preparing Margarita Cocktails

Margarita is traditionally prepared with tequila as the base mixed with triple sec and lime juice in a 7:4:3 ratios, respectively. Usually all three ingredients (an ounce of tequila, a dash of triple sec and juice of half a lime – this recipe was printed in the Esquire Magazine as the “Drink of the Month” in December 1953) are mixed and poured into a glass over crushed ice. The rim of the glass is rubbed with lime and coated with salt. The drink is formally poured into a cocktail glass; however, some people like to drink it from an old-fashioned glass that is a variant of the classic Champagne coupe. This kind of glass is more commonly used for the fruit based cocktail. With time, many variations of the recipe have evolved to suit varied palettes. If one is looking for a summer cocktail, this cocktail tops the list.

Variations of the Margarita Recipe

This cocktail can be made and served in various forms. The most common form is to serve it neat, the second is to serve and the third way to serve this cocktail is to prepare a frozen drink.

Basic Margarita – This is the basic form of the cocktail which is served neat. It is made with 1 ½ oz tequila, ½ oz triple sec, a dash of lime juice, and 3 oz of sour cream. All the ingredients are shaken in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice and poured into a chilled glass that is coated with either salt or sugar (as desired) on the rim. This drink is garnished with wedge of lime.

However there are many more variations of the cocktail, which are –

Golden Margarita – This popular variation in the recipe specifically uses gold tequila, which a lot of people thoroughly enjoy. In this variation, triple sec is replaced with orange liqueur and lime juice and sour cream are added like in the basic version of the drink. A dash of orange juice too can be added to give the drink an orangey flavor. The cocktail is garnished with a lime wedge and the rim of the chilled cocktail glass coated with either sugar or salt, as desired. Another version of this cocktail is the Golden Grand Margarita, which uses Grand Marnier as the orange liqueur.

Apple Margarita – This variation of the recipe is made with tequila as the main ingredient. The other ingredients that give the cocktail its flavor and characteristic punch are apple tucker and apple juice. Sour mix too is added just as in the basic recipe of the drink. The rim of the chilled glass is coated with cinnamon and sugar. This drink is strained and poured over ice, if desired, and then served garnished with a green apple wedge, instead of lime wedge.

Jamaica Margarita – This wonderfully exotic version of the recipe is native to Jamaica, where the chilled Aqua de Jamaica (this is made by boiling Jamaica/hibiscus flowers in water along with sugar and allowing the contents steep for a couple of hours, which is then chilled) adds flavor to the drink along with Tequila Tezon Blanco, simple syrup and lime juice. All the ingredients are poured into a chilled cocktail shaker that is filled with ice. After shaking well, the drink is strained and poured into a chilled glass. The cocktail is served with a garnish of lime wedge, just like other margaritas.

All these and other types of the cocktail can be served neat, on the rocks and frozen, depending on individual taste.

Margarita Recipe Trivia

Margarita means “Daisy Flower” in Spanish and because of this the cocktail is also known as “Tequila Daisy”.

Lobster Taquitos go well with this cocktail.