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Chipotle Sauce

Chipotle sauce is a kind of hot sauce prepared using vinegar and chipotle (smoked and dried variant of jalapeno pepper) and is usually served as a dip for breads, grilled meats or sometimes used as a base in the preparation of curries and stews.

Chipotle sauce is an integral item of Mexican cuisine and Mexicans combine the chipotle with other spices to make a marinating sauce known as ‘adobo’.

Chipotle Sauce Recipes

Adobo Sauce – This sauce is basically a type of hot marinade used for marinating various kinds of vegetables and meats. It is mainly prepared using garlic, vinegar, and chili peppers like jalapeno. Sometimes ingredients like onions, tomatoes, spices, herbs are also added for enhancing the taste of the sauce.

Ingredients: A simple version of chipotle adobo sauce is created by blending the dried chipotle peppers with ketchup, garlic cloves, onion, cider vinegar, water and salt.

Method of Preparation – All the ingredients are blended and simmered for about an hour or two and pureed before using.

Tip – The hotness of the sauce can be increased or decreased by altering the quantity or types of jalapeno peppers.

Orange Chipotle Glaze – This sauce is prepared by reducing mixture with orange and host of other ingredients.

Ingredients – Tomato juice, honey, orange marmalade, adobe chipotle peppers, oil and garlic are required to make this sauce.

Method of Preparation – All these ingredients are simmered until the mixture reduces to half of its volume.

Serving – Orange chipotle glaze is best served with grilled meats.

Blair’s Heat Chipotle Slam – This is a famous chipotle sauce produced and marketed by Blairs.

Ingredients – Purified water, habanero chilies, lime juice, white vinegar, carrots, chipotle chilies, red jalapeno chilies, cane sugar, onion powder, paprika, vitamin C and spices are required to make this sauce.

Method of Preparation – The sauce is prepared by boiling the ingredients together.

Feature - According to manufacturers, the sauce acquires the best flavor by usage of garlic, herbs, orange and red habaneros in the preparation. Jalapenos are smoked to produce chipotle pepper, which imparts a distinct flavor to this sauce.

Serving – The sauce can be served with grilled chicken wings, chicken thighs and any barbecued meat.

Tip – The sauce is best served during all outdoor parties where lots of grilled meats and vegetables are commonly prepared.

Chipotle Mole Poblano – This is a popular chili sauce from Mexico. This sauce is prepared in a number of ways. A minimum of three dried peppers are required to make this sauce. These peppers are blended with nuts, seeds, Mexican chocolate, chicken broth, oregano, salt, garlic, avocados, charred onions, etc. The sauce is thickened by the addition of crushed crackers or breadcrumbs.

Ingredients – When chipotle chilies are used in large quantities in comparison to other dried peppers, the sauce is known as chipotle mole poblano. Anchilo and mulato are the other pepper variants which can synchronize with the hotness of chipotle. Peanuts, sesame seeds, almonds, or ground nuts can be used for nuts and seeds. Special Mexican chocolates prepared using cinnamon; ground cacao and sugar are used in the preparation of sauce.

Method of Preparation – The sauce preparation begins by frying sliced onion, garlic cloves, and dried peppers in olive oil. These components are combined with other ingredients and processed in food processor.

Tip – The sauce is served during all special occasions like baptisms, weddings, quinceaneras, etc.