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Chimichanga is a kind of burrito that is popular in Tex Mex cuisine as well as in other cuisines of United States. This dish is also popularly known as ‘chivichanga’. Though it’s a very easy to make tortilla dish, but the ingredients used in filling of tortilla makes it quite interesting.

Sinaloa and Sonora are the two Mexican states that fondly prepare chimichanga in their meals. It is usually in rectangular shape, but any shape can be given according to the preference. In southwestern states of United Nations, this dish is widely served in restaurants serving Tex Mex and typical Mexican cuisine.

History and Origin of Chimichanga Recipe

There is an ongoing debate over the origin of chimichanga. One source claims that this dish was first invented accidentally in a restaurant in Arizona, Tucson around 1922. The founder of the restaurant dropped the pastry into a deep-fryer by mistake and in this way this dish has been invented with a Spanish name.

Another source claims that chimichangas were first served in early 1920’s in the restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. Another restaurant owner in Arizona also claimed that this dish is his invention that was first served in 1946. Besides all these stories related to the origin of the dish, the fact is that the roots of chimichanga lies somewhere in Arizona.

Ingredients Prescribed by Chimichangas

The main component of chimichanga is the tortilla prepared with flour. The tortilla is stuffed with a variety of ingredients and wrapped as a packet. The filling ingredients depend upon the taste and the cuisine. Some of the commonly used components are beans, rice, shredded meat including beef and chicken along with cheese.

Carne adobada is marinated pork that is also quite popular as filling in the tortilla. Fresh meat is always used, but leftover meat may also act as a delectable filling. Olives, chilies and onion are also added to create variations in the recipe.

For seasoning, simply salt and pepper may be used. Taco seasoning can be incorporated to make the chimichanga more interesting.

Chimichanga Recipe: Preparation Overview

Chimichanga is a deep-fried dish. A simple flour tortilla is used as a wrap. The filling ingredients are combined and seasoned. The tortilla is wrapped in a rectangular shape with a generous portion of filling.

The tortilla wrap is deep-fried and served with a variety of accompaniments.

Serving and Eating of Chimichangas

Chimichanga is served as a comfort food or anytime snack. It is typically eaten with salsa. Dips made up of cheese and sour cream is also quite popular to be served with this deep-fried snack. Guacamole is another companion for chimichanga.

Many other dips and sauces are served with it to enhance the experience of eating this delectable dish.

Health and Nutritional Facts Related to Chimichanga Recipe

Chimichanga is not recommended for regular consumption as it is a deep-fried dish. Deep-frying involves excess of oil that is not good for health especially for over-weight people.