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Bolillo is a type of spicy bread which is very much similar to French baguette. It is commonly known as "Pan De Labranza". It is long bread and is oval shaped. Bolillo has a crispy and flavored crust, though the bread is soft and mushy from inside. This bread is baked directly on the hot floor of the oven and is one of the breads produced by the Mexican bakers since thousands of years.

History and Origin of Bolillo Recipe

Bolillo originated in Mexico and is a variation of the French baguette. The bread is known by different names in parts of Mexico. It is known as Barras in and in Guadalajara and Sonora these breads are called birotes. This crispy bread is known as both Bolillo and pan Blanco, in northern Mexico. The people of Northeast Mexico call it Pan Frances. In Sinaloa, they are called torcido and birote. The people of Brazil are very much fond of eating Bolillo and often call it pao frances or pao de sal.

Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used in Bolillo Recipe

A traditional Bolillo was made in large rock ovens. This method gave the bread a crunchy texture. However, the modern day Bolillos can be made easily in the ovens at home. The major ingredients used for making Bolillo bread are flour, sugar, salt, yeast, warm water and a whisked egg white. To prepare this savory bread, flour, sugar and salt are mixed in one bowl and water and yeast in another. Water mixed with yeast is added to flour mixture and dough is prepared. This dough is left for some time in a warm place by covering it with a cloth. Later, the dough is kneaded well and then made into oval shape by rolling on the palms. The dough balls are brushed with whisked egg white and baked. A Bolillo recipe is quite easy and a Bolillo bread gets ready in around 30 minutes.

These breads are prepared fresh and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Food Accompaniments With Bolillos

Bolillo is delicious bread which can be paired with many foods. Bolillos are often served with simple foods such as eggs and pan friend meat. This bread is also savored by eating with other Mexican foods.

The major Mexican food accompaniments with Bolillo are

  • Albondigas- Albondigas is a meat ball soup mostly relished with Bolillo.
  • Chile verde- Served as a snack in many parties, chile verde is a pork and chicken stew. Mexicans love to have chile verde with Bolillo breads.
  • Menudo- It is a beef stew and pairs well with Bolillo to make a wholesome breakfast.
  • Posole- Made of pork, posole is a light broth which is suitable to be eaten with Bolillo as a light brunch.
  • Gazpacho- Gazpacho is a cold tomato soup often relished with Bolillo.

Bolillo can also be eaten as a simple snack and can also be made into a dessert by pouring hot chocolate and nuts on it.

Culinary Uses Of Bolillo

A Bolillo recipe is majorly used for making Mexican sandwiches, known as Tortas. Tortas contain the stuffing of meats, eggs, cheese and different vegetables. A torta sandwich made of Bolillos can be eaten hot and even cold.

Trivia- Bolillo

  • Bolillo is a term used for a bobbin or spindle, and since this pin was used for making this bread, it was called Bolillos.
  • Till year 1924, Bolillo was a nickname for Americans as it was similar to the white color of Bolillos.