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Almendrado is a Mexican pudding, which is made by using gelatin, egg whites, sugar, red and green food color and almond extract. This sweet dish appears like a Mexican flag by using red, green and egg white layers. This delicacy is very light and refreshing in taste and is very famous in the country. The dessert Almendrado is relished by the local people and is available in many restaurants present there. It is generally prepared at the festive time and is consumed after dinner.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Almendrado Recipe

The basic ingredients suggested for preparing Almendrado are gelatin, egg whites, water, salt and sugar, extract of almonds, blanched almonds and red and green edible color. The initial method in Almendrado recipe is to dissolve the unflavored gelatin in lukewarm water and to keep the mixture in room temperature until it becomes thick in consistency. The egg whites are beaten thoroughly until it turns stiff and then the sugar and salt are added and beaten until the batter becomes foamy. The thicken gelatin, almond extract and blanched almonds are added to it and mixed nicely.

The batter is divided into three parts in which green edible color is added to one part, red food color is mixed in the second part while the third part is left white. When the dish is ready, it is garnished by a thin custard sauce, which is prepared by using egg yolks, cold milk, vanilla extract, sugar and salt. According to the Almendrado recipe the first step is to beat egg yolks thoroughly by adding vanilla extract, milk, sugar and salt. The milk is cooked on top of a double boiler and then the egg mixture is added and cooked until the mixture is coated over the spatula. This sauce is poured in a cold bowl and is kept in refrigerator until it becomes chilled.

Serving Almendrado

It is served chilled by transferring Almendrado over a platter and is sliced into equal pieces. It is served with heavy cream along with a thin custard sauce. Finally, it is garnished by adding blanched almonds over the two wet layers and is served as a dessert or as a sweet dish.

Some Health Facts Related to Almendrado Recipe

Almendrado is a light dessert, which consists of minimum nutritive values. The dish consists of proteins, potassium, sodium, carbohydrates but sugar content of the recipe is very high which means people who consume this delicacy consume only empty calories. People suffering from obesity should consume Almendrado in smaller amounts or avoid having it completely.