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Corn Tortillas

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  Masa harina 2 Cup (32 tbs)
  Warm water 1 1⁄3 Cup (21.33 tbs)

Mix masa flour with enough of the warm water to make dough hold together.
With your hands, shape dough into a ball.
Divide into 12 equal pieces, then roll each into a ball.
Place a square of wax paper or plastic wrap on bottom half of tortilla press; place a ball of dough on paper, slightly off center toward edge farthest from handle.
Flatten ball slightly with your palm.
Cover with a second square of wax paper.
Lower top of press (being careful not to wrinkle paper) and push down firmly on lever until tortilla measures about 6 inches in diameter.
Stack paper covered tortillas; repeat until all are shaped.
For each tortilla, peel off top piece of wax paper carefully.
Place tortilla, paper side up, on a griddle or heavy frying pan preheated over medium high heat.
As tortilla becomes warm, peel off paper.
Cook, turning frequently, until tortilla looks dry and is lightly flecked with brown specks —it will puff up briefly.
Serve tortillas immediately, or let cool and wrap airtight.
Refrigerate for up to 2 days or freeze for longer storage.

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