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Low Carb Taco Salad

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Who said you can’t have taco salad and low carb at the same time? Lowcarb4life has a low carb taco salad recipe which is just like what you get at taco bells and still its low carb. As she says, the recipe is simple, just follow her instructions for making the crispy tortilla bowl and then add your favorite low carb foods in it. She adds cooked meat, salsa, cabbage, cheese and sour cream but you can add your own.

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Tyler Durden's picture
Too much fat and no salad (4 little pieces, really?). This is far from healthy.
Anonymous's picture
Wow, that is quite possibly the most unhealthy "low carb" salad I have ever seen. This recipe is sure to continue promoting unhealthy eating habits in those foolish enough to be lured by the term low carb. The tortilla could have easily been baked in the oven to form the bowl rather than fried in a ton of oil. This recipe is high fat and does not take advantage of any lean protein options such as ground chicken/turkey or beans. The high sodium salsa could also be replaced with fresh tomatoes and other veggies such as cucumber and avocado.
Paula Coffman's picture
On low carb diets. They are NOT low-fat, so frying is allowed. Just be sure and use a healthy oil, and not one with partially hydrogenated soybean oil. I use canola oil for all frying. If you read traditional low-carb diets, fats are not severely restricted. If you read current literature, there is research that points to the fact that healthy fats promote more weight loss than the low-fat approach.
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As someone who lives on a primal-paleo, low carb lifestyle, I am a size 6, run marathons and am about as healthy as a 38 year old woman could be...fat is good. It is. Just make sure it's good fat, not bad. If she were using coconut oil and a low carb tortilla (or one made with flax, coconut or almond meal flour) that would actually be a very healthy meal!
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