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Salpicon is basically French cooking term that is used to define a combined mixture made by different minced ingredients. These ingredients include canapés, rissoles, roulades, and croquettes. This delicious mixture can also be prepared by using some eggs, stuff tartlets, timbales and croustades. A combined mixture of vegetables and meat is generally used to make these ingredients. All these ingredients are properly bonded with special sauce. This mixture is often used as a stuffing in various other dishes. Ingredients like fishes can also be used to make this dish.

Salpicon Recipe: Main Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

Salpicon is traditionally prepared by using some basic ingredients like minced clove garlic, chili powder, fresh lime juice, ground cumin, salt, hanger steak, purple potatoes like purple peruvians, white corn kernels, thawed frozen corn, peeled pitted avocado, thinly sliced radishes, thinly sliced scallions and chopped fresh cilantro. Some other things needed while making this recipe are virgin olive oil, salt, fresh ground black pepper and dashes of Tabasco sauce.

Salpicon is essentially a broiled dish that needs a proper broiler. All the ingredients used while making this dish are mixed together. This mixture is applied on both hunger steak sides. All the ingredients in used while making this dish are generally cooked prior they are made as a mixture. Specially in French cuisine, the combination of ingredients are often used to make savory dishes. Another very popular variety of this dish is prepared by fruit and perhaps nuts. In this case, the dish is mainly sweet to taste. In these versions, the ingredients are bonded by using syrup or cream rather than the regular savory sauce.

Facts About Salpicon Dish

1. The word salpicon is also used in various ways to refer the shredded beef salad from Central American. This is mainly used on the top of the tostadas and is many times rolled up with in a tortilla. In fact, this kind of salpicon is used in a manner that is quite similar to the French version of the dish. This delicious Central American salpicon are prepared by using avocado, beef, tomato, chiles and onions. Both Central America and South America has various other variants of this dish.

2. Apart from being utilized like stuffing, this dish is also utilized like garnishing at times. It can also be used like garnishing over the top of bread. This is mainly done to prepare a type of bruschetta or could be served along with side entrees. For instance, the combination of ingredients can be utilized over the top of some fish, meat or chicken.