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Varieties of Vegetarians

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Vegetarianism is a very vast word under which come a lot of varieties. These days a lot of people are adopting vegetarian diet, but the choice of their eating decides what kind of vegetarian they actually are.

A Vegetarian Meal

What is a vegetarian?
We all know that a vegetarian eats fruits, vegetables, dried beans and peas, grains, nuts and seeds and avoids meat, fish, and fowl. But there are many categories of vegetarians:

Lacto-vegetarians: People who only eat plant foods and dairy products.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians: People who eat both dairy products and eggs.

Vegans: These people avoid all animal products, not even any dairy or eggs – they eat only vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Semi-Vegetarians: These types of people are not a strict vegetarian. They prefer to be vegetarian   but sometimes eat meat also.

Fruitarian Diet: This diet is not a recommended one because fruitarians eat only the ripe fruit of plants and trees. It is recommended for fruitarians to add milk, nuts, and grains to their diet.

Reasons for opting Vegetarian Diet
Research says that vegetarians have lower body mass index, lower cholesterol levels and they are less likely to be affected by heart disease.
Other reasons to become vegetarian are religious beliefs, environmental or animal welfare concerns, economic reasons, or a plain dislike of the taste or texture of meat.

Are vegetarian diets really healthy?
A pure vegetarian diet means deficiency of vitamin B-12 (which comes naturally only from animal sources), protein, iron, vitamin D, calcium, and zinc. To stay healthy with a vegetarian diet, you should take vitamin supplements and plan your meals carefully to make it a balanced and nutritious one.

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Varieties Of Vegetarians