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Turkish Lunch Menu

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How can the Turkish lunch be any less tasty than the Turkish Breakfast? As always the Turkish cuisine surprises you with its novel use of elements and exotic flavors. The Turkish Lunch menu I have put together here is a simple blend of traditional Turkish dishes.
1. Turkish Appetizer – Buerrek

This, thinly rolled pastry also known as Yufka is wrapped around carious savory fillings like cheese, meat, spinach and potatoes. It’s yummy and works as a great appetizer. According to tradition a Turkish girl would not be allowed to marry until she has mastered the art of making a Buerrek.

2. Turkish Main Dish - Turkish Chicken with Bulgur Pilaf

The pilaf is a traditional Turkish dish made from rice or bulgur (cracked wheat) or sehrive (pilav).  The Turkish Chicken with Bulgur Pilaf is simple ad delicious dish that you can make at home.

3.Turkish Salad

This is a simple salad that has a surprising orangey flavor that makes it an absolute delight.

4. Turkish Meatballs on Skewers

The Turkish meatballs are an authentic Turkish dish that is both filling and tasty.

5. Turkish coffee

The Turkish coffee is served with almost all the meals in Turkey.  The thick and dark coffee comes in a small cup and can be served with or without sugar.

Enjoy preparing your Turkish lunch using this simple Turkish Lunch menu. Tell me how it went:-)!

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Turkish Lunch Menu