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Pig Blood for dinner!

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Pig Blood for dinner!! Ugh!! As a non vegetarian I am quite immune to seeing different parts of an animal in my refrigerator. But, the sight of pig blood jelly was not something I could take!! As soon as my room mate saw me gawking at the open refrigerator, she said that she was planning to prepare dinner with them.



 Pig Blood Jelly! Having pork I can handle, but pig blood!! Come on, you must be kidding me! But my pig headed room mate didn’t agree! It was from the diatribe that followed that I got a wealth of information about the use of animal blood in many cuisines around the world. Supposedly the Maasai of Tanzania actually consumes an absolutely gruesome drink made from blood from their cattle and milk!  They do this by nicking the jugular vein of the cattle and serve often for celebration or as a rejuvenating drink for the sick! And I thought milk alone was bad, they just just made it worse!


532714-pig-blood-for-dinner.jpgv0Cattle blood in Milk

Pig blood is more popular in cuisines. I have heard of blood sausages made from pig blood but have never ever wanted to try one. Pig blood is actually used to flavor porridges and sometimes even cured with salt so that they can be saved and used later. Gives a whole new meaning to bleeding to death!! 
Pig Blood Sausages Some of the options my roommate had for her “Pig Blood for dinner menu” are:

Pig Blood for dinner dish 1 - Pig blood Soup  532715-pig-blood-for-dinner.jpgv0 Pig Blood Soup  This is a dish that is very popular in North Vietnam and is made form congealed pigs blood with a few spring onions chopped into it. Different variations of it are made all around the world and they often use Pig blood jelly to make it.

Pig Blood for dinner dish 2 -Finnish Pig Blood Pancake
Finnish Pigs blood Pancakes This is traditionally made in Finland and other part of Scandinavia and often served with lingonberries.

Pig Blood for dinner dish 3 - Dinuguan  or Chocolate meat   Dinuguan Oh!, don’t be deceived by its name. This is also made form pig blood with garlic, chili and vinegar. Dinuguan comes from the word dugo meaning “blood”.

Blood for dinner dish 2 -Pig Blood Stew 
Pig Blood Stew
 Stewed Pigs blood jelly!!! The picture says it all!

Blood for dinner dish 3 -Pigs Blood cake   Pig's blood cake 
 And finally the dessert of all desserts, Ti-hoeh-koe or Pig’s blood cake from Taiwan is made from chewy rice and pigs blood! It is  a popular dish in Taiwan and is often served steamed!! (Gross!!!)

Considering that my friend might cook up one of those for dinner, I refuse to retune home for my stomach’s sake!! No Pig blood for dinner for me!!  Image Credits http://3.bp.blogspot.com

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I do love a good French Boudin de Noir (blood sausage) cooked with apples-simply wonderful, but my husband cringes so I try to not order this when he is around. :-) Also Blood Pudding as in the UK quite nice, but I draw the line at the chunks of coagulated pig blood in congee/jook (rice breakfast soup in Asia) and the many soups and dishes in the Philippines. Maybe it is in my mind, a texture thing? Just not sure. I am willing to try almost anything ONCE, and trust me once was one too many times for the chunks of pig blood in soup. Of course it also had various "oikey-bits" (Oz slang) like intestines, brains, pig ears etc. And for breakfast no less. NO THANK YOU! That is almost as dreadful as the chicken's feet at dim sum in China for breakfast for me. Where's my coffee?????????????????? Shanti/Mary-Anne
ifoodiee's picture
God shanti!! hats off to your guts..i would have run in the other direction..i am not too much of a pork fan anyway..bacon I like but usually avoid pork dishes,the thought of pig blood is aversive to me....and chickens feet!!
Snigdha's picture
Savoring blood of animals does not sound bizarre to me anymore. Thanks to Andrew Zimmerman of Travel Channel's 'Bizarre Foods'. But what really twisted my stomach was when I saw a program on the T.V showing an African tribesman shooting an arrow at the jugular vein of a cow and blood spurting out immediately. The blood was collected in bowl and served to other tribe members while the cow painfully bled to death.
shantihhh's picture
Snigdha I also saw that episode and just had to look away-so upsetting. Gives me chills just thinking of it. I am open minded but that is simply over the edge. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Prezi's picture
I feel somehow taken aback fining the animal inner organs on plates!!! And you here talking about blood!... I am not a vegetarian or vagan fanatic, but, certain animal parts do not seem to impress my palate! Take, brain, liver, intestine, tongue!!!
Gadget.Lady's picture
Ew! Pig Blood Soup! me could have tried the dishes if they looked appetizing (atleast).. have tasted deep-fried blood (dnt know how they bring blood to sand-like consistency)once, however that was tasty, bt me somehow dont feel like tryin it again :P
Kasigwa's picture
The story of taking a 'blood meal' known and is used to refer to the blood sucking insects and ticks on livestock. sounds very crude, but when i saw the sausages and the presentation of the stuff on table it looks very nice, looks like a chocolate infact, the colour is very cute just make the order for one, am sure the taste is rewarding.
Pig Blood For Dinner!