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5 Countries That Changed American Taste

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It is possible to get your hands on every dish of the world while staying put in America but no one quite talks of authentic American food. Why is that? Could it be because most of its loved dishes have originated in far off lands? Hamburgers are Germans for instance while the quintessential fries that make every American dish complete has its roots in Belgium. Let us take a look at some of the countries that have managed to stamp their indelible mark on the hearts & palates of America so far


1. Italy

There’s no country as dear to the Americans as Italy when it comes to food. You just cannot do without some of its signature dishes that have come to be known as America’s own.

Pizza: Think ‘order in’ and you reach for the nearest pizza outlet’s number. It also happens to be the diet staple for single people and college students.

Italian Salami: More addictive than cigarettes.

Spaghetti bolognaise: Best option when you can’t decide on what you want to have.

Cappuccino: Is it a breakfast beverage? Nah! Americans cannot do without it 24X7.

Italian cuisine


2. China

Second to none, the cuisine of China is as close to an American’s heart as its politics is distant. Ingredients that you are likely to throw away are innovated into tasty dishes in a jiffy. Thank God for Chinese, happens to be the prayer on every American lip when they need something to eat immediately.

Dim sum: Everything tastes yummy, even the hated cabbage, when served in the form of a Chinese dumpling.

Sweet and sour pork: A guilty pleasure that is sure to have you licking your finger tips when your plate is empty, finally.

Stir Fries: A rapid 2-minutes' worth of cooking time results in the most tasty dishes that you can ever imagine.

Chinese cuisine


3. France

Known as the motherland of gourmet food, French food has no equal when it comes to classy cuisine. It is haute cuisine from France that powers every one from the Hollywood celebs to politicians who decide the fate of the world.

Baguette: The first and the last word in bread. You have certainly not lived unless you taste it.

Wine: A must have drink for every occasion from anniversaries to world events; nothing is deemed to be complete unless the French wine flows freely.

Desserts: A fairy tale come true indeed! The decadent dishes that look beautiful and taste delicious are woven out of sugar, cream and fantasies that are bound to make the world a better place.

French cuisine


4. Mexico

Hot and fierce, the food from Mexico imbibes all the qualities of its men who love to live life king size. Even the most healthy dishes taste like a feast making you crave for more of the same.

Tacos: A wholesome dish that tastes the best when you are hungry.

Chili: Hot and spicy enough to burn your palate but you cannot give up until your plate is wiped clean.

Mole: An ancient sauce that weaves magic on the modern palate.

Mexican cuisine


5. India

A mindboggling range of dishes that are worthy of the huge nation! The spice factor is great so is the exotic taste that goes with it. Besides who can resist vegetarian fare when it tastes so good?

Dal: Wow! Boiled lentils are sure exciting when cooked this way.

Chai: It’s not coffee but its not plain, boring tea either. You have to taste the spiced beverage to believe in its invigorating properties.

Dosa: A giant pancake, filled with yummy veggies can make your lunch interesting in more ways than one.

Indian cuisine


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5 Countries That Changed American Taste