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Top 5 Easy Bacon Appetizers For Parties

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Bacon appetizers

Bacon has become an indispensible part of the American diet. Most of us love it so much that we don’t mind eating it for all three meals of the day. Being such a favored item, it should be a must-have at your holiday parties too. Here are 5 of the easiest bacon appetizers you can serve to your guests. They'd be delighted to start their meal with their favorite dish!


1. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Party Bites

A little cheesy and a little spicy, this bacon wrapped appetizer is sure to steal your heart. Jalapeno slices are covered with cheese, cream cheese, salt, and spices. It is then wrapped with bacon and baked.

Bacon wrapped jalapeno


2. Green Onion and Bacon Appetizer Cup

This is a pretty-looking appetizer made with bacon, green onion, cheese, milk, and eggs. Being high in protein and calcium, we are sure it can be a great starter option for your party.

Green onion bacon appetizer cup


3. Cheesy Bacon Dip

This is a cheesy appetizer that your guests will simply love. Make a mixture with cheese, bacon, and mayonnaise. Bake it and serve it filled up in a hollowed bread!

Cheesy bacon dip with bread


4. Prunes Wrapped in Bacon

This is quite an easy dish that you can prepare in a jiffy. Made with just two ingredients, the dish is simply seared on the pan and served!

Prunes wrapped in bacon


5. Yummy Bacon Squash Appetizers

This is a very simple recipe that uses just 3 ingredients. It is so easy that you can go ahead and get your kids to make it for you, just as you see in the video!

Yummy bacon squash appetizer


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