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Top 10 Slow Cooker Recipes


Feel the nip in the air, now that its Fall? Well, you just have to take a chill pill to beat that. Literally not figuratively! Welcome to the world of mouthwatering slow cooker dishes that makes you feel warm and comfortable inside. Not quite sure, what the dishes are, yet? Take a look…


1. Coq au Vin

Go with the classic Coq au Vin this Fall. A yummy combo of chicken, veggies, and herbs, all cooked slowly over time and you are ready to snatch the credit from the French.



2. Poblano-Corn Soup

Butter encrusted Poblano peppers and corn in the form of a soup makes life worthwhile. Come home to a hot bowl of the soup, that had been cooking in the slow cooker, all day.

poblano soup


3. Noodle Casserole

Get ready for a quick, one dish meal as you relax in front of the telly after a hard day’s work. Spinach, raisins and cottage cheese peeping out from the casserole promise you one healthy fare.

noodle casserole


4. Chana Dal Curry

Time to look towards an ancient land that promises great culinary adventure. Set the slow cooker on with a delicious and nutritious chana dal curry cooking in it and you are sure to dream of it while you hurry home. The tinge of chili in it is excellent to drive out the cold too.

chana dal curry


5. BBQ Beef Roast

Look inwards at your own kind of food now. Fancy a hot beef roast with all the trimmings? Bring out the slow cooker and allow the beef to be roasted slowly, over time. A sumptuous experience indeed! Bye-bye Barbecue grill, slow cooker has just taken over.

BBQ beef roast


6. Pork & Potato

Get relaxed over a plate of pork and potatoes that will fill you up nicely. The broth that comes along with it leaves a warm, welcome feeling as it goes down.

pork and potato


7. Gingerbread Pudding

A slow baked pudding, just off a slow cooker, tastes the best. Throw in a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you have all your wishes fulfilled.

gingerbread pudding


8. Vegetarian Chili

It isn’t only animal protein that can drive out the chill. You are sure to avert it by downing a big bowl of veggie chili too. GULP!



9. Corn Bread

What about a staple now? Open your door to be greeted with the wonderful aroma of warm bread emanating from your slow cooker. Pair the nutritious bread with a stew and get going.

corn bread


10. Mixed Berry Crumble

Get your hands on as many berries as you can get and combine them into a beautiful tart that cooks slowly but captivates you within the blinking of an eye.

berry crumble


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Top 10 Slow Cooker Recipes