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Steamed Live Lobster by Cooking for Bachelor TV

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Lobster is a culinary treat that is often considered expensive. However, when you buy lobsters and cook them at home the cost is considerably reduced. You can enjoy every part of the lobster and eating at home allows you to eat with your hands. It's so easy to make. I suggest accompanying it with a jalapeño butter dipping sauce. Search our channel or website for other easy, delicious, nutritious dishes. When you cook for yourself you can Save Money, Eat Healthier, Live Greener and Have delicious nutritious "meals in minutes" "no recipes" measuring "from the Brooklyn" New York "kitchen of Jyl Ferris" bachelors batchelors "single women" "recent graduates" newlyweds parents "learn to cook" cooking food sweet "sexy chef" "free cooking videos" "steaming live lobster" seafood fresh seaweed "sea salt" colander

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Steamed Live Lobster By Cooking For Bachelor TV Video