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Food is the basic necessity of life. Millions of people live all over the world.

The whole world has different foods and cuisines as like as their culture.

Hongkong is a country known as free port in Asia Pacific region.

Hongkong is the part of mainland China, but it was ruled for about 170-150 years by British ,in the other way Hongkong was British colony too.

So Hongkong’s main cuisines are Chinese( Cantonese & Mandarin) and mixture of canto western cuisine.

Pakistani, Indian and Turkish cuisines are also available in different parts of Hongkong,

Hongkong is situated at pearl river delta and surrounded all sides with sea so, fish & sea foods are patent and widely used in HONGKONG, and best quality of  live fish & sea foods are available in huge quantity here.

Huge followers of Buddhism are living there since a long time and Buddhists are vegetarian  and hence, huge quantity of fresh farm & organic vegetables are also available in every market & stores.

Cantonese influenced cuisines is people’s priority there

These cuisines have very awesome & unique taste with its positive support for good health as mostly cuisines have low fat and less spices.

All  types of Cantonese foods & stuffs are available  at different shops & stores in every part of Hongkong.

In every part of the country, lots of HOTELS , RESTAURANTS,BAKERIES, & FOOD STALLS provide these cuisines too.

Renowned name of restaurant is “FAREWOOD”.

One of the Cantonese food providers are  street side food stalls and hawkers pushing carts. They can be found at road sides at most parts of country. Fish balls, Put Chai Ki, & roasted chestnuts are their specialties.

Dai Pai Dongs are small Chinese style outdoor dining restaurants, Wonton Noodles, Roasted duck, sweetened condensed milk tea.

Hongkong style fast foods offered mixture of Conto Western Cuisines.

Chinese pastry shops & bakeries provides excellent types of Cakes, Pastries,Cookies,Pudding,Tart & lots of yummy snacks.

“Cherry Cake Shop’’  & Maxims Bakery” are famous.

One of developed Cantonese dish is DIM SUM.

Hongkong’s frequently-used drink includes Chinese tea, Hongkong Style milk tea, Red bean ice, Soy milk, Sugar cane juice

Every residential area has its own grocery and fresh vegetable / Fruits markets /Stores. There all types of food stuffs, Chinese spices, meat, fish sea foods ,farm fresh & organic vegetables and fruits available in huge quantities.

The food quality controllers are much strict in Hongkong so      100% freshness of food stuffs is guaranteed.

At last must know about eating habits of Cantonese people( Lived Hongkong).

They usually eat five times a day.

(1)- Morning  - Breakfast

(2)- Noon( 12”o” clock) – Lunch

(3)- Afternoon( 3p.m)- Afternoon tea with light snacks

(4)- Evening – Dinner

(5) – Night(10p.m. or later)- Sui Yeh.

                                 Almost all foods & cuisine of HONGKONG( Cantonese) .are very awesome & healthy.




                                         Cutting Roasted DUCK.



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