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Easter Dinner, Pig of the Month Style

I heart RibsOne of the very best things about holidays is the gathering of family for a big meal or it could be the worst thing.  With so much to do on a holiday it’s tough to make a great big spread also.  Frankly I’d rather be out Easter egg hunting than spending all my time in the kitchen. 



Easter is also the end of Lent, a 40 day time period of fasting, prayer and penance.  Many people who observe Lent give up meat not only on Fridays but for the entire period.  For me that’s more penance than fasting! 


Easter isn’t only the end of Lent; it is also a celebration of Spring!  In the pre-Christian era the pagan believed in the goddess Eoster.  During Eoster-monath there would be huge celebrations (which happened to be in April) that are said to have involved bunnies and eggs.  Our modern terminology stems from this Pagan celebration.

Whether you are celebrating a traditional Easter or the celebration of Spring, what better way to celebrate a holiday and the end of Lent then going all out carnivore with some Pig of the Month Dry Style Baby Back Ribs !  They are the perfect ribs for family and friends (plus they are on sale right now!), I know my mom isn’t super fond of overly saucy ribs, she prefers them dry so she can add just the right amount of sauce and the kind of sauce that is more suited to her taste.  To make everyone happy, why not get the BBQ Sauce  Sampler  to serve with the ribs?



You can read more recipes and ramblings at Pig of the Month BBQ   or connect with us on Facebook  for recipes, promtions, and contests.  Pig of the Month BBQ ships gourmet   smoked meats  and BBQ sauces  and sides nationwide. 


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Easter Dinner, Pig Of The Month Style