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Top 5 Chocolate Pudding Desserts For Kids

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Chocolate Pudding Desserts For Kids

Chocolate pudding, a heavenly dessert in its own, makes for delightful desserts  when added as an ingredient in sweetmeat recipes. Decadent, lustful, adorable – these are just few of the superlatives which one can use express how fabulous these dessert ideas are. Enjoy to a novel world of decadence as you read through these mouthwatering recipe ideas…


Top 5 Desserts With Chocolate Pudding

1. Cake

Chocolate Pudding Cake

Cake or cupcake, the pudding makes a great ingredient. Along with adding to the flavor of the cake, this ingredient renders an incredible lushness and aroma, making it all the more inviting. Be it for your kid’s birthday party or for the Christmas Eve, this pudding cake is sure to grab the limelight.


2. Parfait

Chocolate Pudding Parfait

Now, you can enjoy a double dose of chocolate with this mind-blowing parfait. All you need to do is to prepare two different puddings, but they are quite easy to be made. Once ready, in a parfait glass, arrange the two puddings alternatively. Finish off with a layer of freshly sliced fruits or roasted nuts. Freeze well. Creamy and rich, these are perfect ways to end your Friday dinner.


3. Empanada

Chocolate Pudding Empanada

Dessert empanadas from Mexican cuisine offer a wide scope for you to try assorted fillings. Chocolate pudding is one such elegant filling choice. Ideal as Cinco de mayo desserts, these make lovely treats for your kids’ lunch boxes. Spoon a generous tablespoon of the pudding on the empanada pastry circles and stick a piece of chocolate on top. Shape into empanadas and bake or fry until they turn golden brown. Dust with confectioners’ sugar and serve hot.


4. Samosa

Chocolate Pudding Samosa

The potato filled spicy Indian delicacies are known to all. Now, with this recipe I am going to give a twist to those classic delights by using this rich pudding as a filling. While you knead the dough for samosas, avoid salt. Use butter, refined flour, and milk to prepare the dough. Alternatively, you can use phyllo sheets. Roll out the sheets or dough, place the filling, and now shape into samosas. Seal the edges well and deep-fry until they turn golden brown. Dust with confectioners’ sugar and serve warm.


5. Spring Rolls

Chocolate Pudding Spring Rolls

Dessert spring rolls are in vogue. Give your kids a chance to enjoy some novel delights with these chocolate pudding spring rolls. Lightly brush the entire surface of a spring roll wrapper with a bit of the beaten egg. Spread the chocolate spreading in the area of the edge closest to you. Take the corner of the wrapper nearest to you, wrap it around the filling, roll the filling away from you one complete circle. Tightly fold the sides in toward the center, and then continue to roll up to the wrapper’s end, making sure the end is firmly sealed. Now, add in batches to hot oil, and fry to golden brown. Serve warm alongside chocolate sauce.


So, which of these chocolate pudding desserts do you want to try now? Try and share your experience with me.


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Top 5 Chocolate Pudding Desserts For Kids