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10 Easy Cranberry Cocktails

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Cocktails With Cranberry JuiceCranberry juice renders a beautiful red hue to the cocktails, making them inevitable choices for parties and celebrations. While preparing cranberry cocktails, always choose the fresh juice over canned ones for added zest. While Cape Cod and Cosmopolitan are among the best-known drinks, there are much more to experiment with. Here are a few such drinks…



10 Interesting Cocktails With Cranberry Juice


1. Scarlett O'Hara 

This is a simple summer cocktail, that owes its name to beautiful Southern girl depicted in ‘Gone in the Wind’. As beautiful as the name sounds, the drink is equally intoxicating and inviting.




2. Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

A vodka based drink, it is the perfect drink for Christmas eve. And, all you need to do is to blend 1 portion each of pomegranate juice and cranberry juice with half a portion of vodka. Add a little lime juice along with crushed ice while blending.


3. Bardolino Punch 

Made with bardoline wine and cranberry juice, the drinks gets a delightful sparkle from the sparkling water; cloves and cinnamon give it a spicy touch, while lemon juice makes for the tanginess factor.


4. Cranberry Martinis

Cranberry Martinis

Give your classic Martini a festival appeal by adding cranberry juice to it. Add the vodka, vermouth and cranberry juice, in the ratio 4:1:2, to a chilled cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for about ten seconds. Your drink is ready.


5. Poinsettia 

An elegant cocktail, it is the perfect choice for the holidays parties and merrymaking. The exotic blend of cranberry juice and champagne is sure to entice your senses.


6. Sweet Georgia Brown

Sweet Georgia Brown

A simple, easy to make drink, it is made up of tequila. Six portions of silver tequila is mixed with 2 portions of cranberry juice and one portion triple sec. Mix well and serve with lots of ice cubes.


7. Cranberry Sangria 

Made by mixing red wine with cranberry juice cocktail, this is a great drink to keep the party spirits up.


8. Sparkling Cranberry Mojito

Sparkling Cranberry Mojito

Use the freshest available cranberries. With a spoon, crush cranberries with brown sugar and mint to get a delightful flavor. Mix this blend with rum and ice, top with sparkling wine, and serve.


9. Tipsy Cranberry Cocktail 

As the name indicates, the drink is truly intoxicating. A strong cocktail, it has a refreshing style and flavor, making it an ideal choice as summer party cocktails.


10. Cosmopolitan 


Who can miss out this classic cranberry cocktail? This is the best and the most intoxicating cocktail, in my view.


So, when are you going to try these hot cranberry cocktails? Try and let me know!


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10 Easy Cranberry Cocktails