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10 Easy Apple Cocktails

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Apple Juice Cocktails

Apple juice, like orange juice, has been a favorite cocktail mixer. Be it the classic apple juice, apple brandy or the apple cider, apple cocktails make tasty drinks, ideal to warm up the winter nights. Here are some great cocktails containing apple in various forms…


Top 10 Enticing Apple Juice Cocktails


1. Apple Sunrise 

This drink is made using apple brandy, Calvados. It blends beautifully with orange juice and lemon juice, yielding a slightly tangy, yet intoxicating drink.

apple sunrise


2. Hot Apple Toddy

A Christmas time favorite, it is sure to offer you a warm shield from the biting cold. A beautiful golden hued drink, it is quite easy to be made also. Just simmer about three cups of apple cider with half a cup each of spiced rum and cinnamon schnapps along with four cinnamon sticks. Relish it hot and fresh.

Hot Apple Toddies


3. Red Apple 

A mix of apple brandy with grenadine! Spiced up by lemon juice, this is an all-weather pleaser. Relish it in chilled martini glasses garnished with apple wedges.

red apple


4.  Cranapple Punch

This hot, spicy combination of cranberry juice and spices are sure to chase away the wintry blues.


Dobel Cranapple Toddy


5. Sweet Ginger Apple 

The two different flavored brandies fuse delightfully with each other, complimenting the flavors. A comparatively lighter cocktail, this can be served during wedding or baby shower brunch parties.

sweet apple ginger


6. Caramel Apple Pie

Do not go by the name! A pale caramel colored drink made by mixing apple cider with tequila, it is definitely a rich one. You just need to mix about 1 portion of 1800 Silver Tequila with half the portion of butterscotch schnapps and equal portions of apple cider and one teaspoon lemon juice. Strain the drink into a chilled martini glass, garnish with apple slices, and serve.

Caramel Apple Pie Cocktail


7. Adam's Apple 

Feel your Adam’s apple bob while you sip this hot, intoxicating drink loaded with apple brandy, gin, and Italian vermouth. A fairly strong cocktail, it is the ideal choice for celebrating any occasion.

adam's apple drink


8. Hot Buttered Bourbon

A slightly buttery drink, it makes use of apple cider in a large quantity. Mix 6 portions of apple cider with one portion of bourbon. Add a little butter, garnish with cinnamon stick, and serve fresh in a wine glass to warm up yourself during the cold winter nights.

Hot Buttered Bourbon


9. New Day 

Apricot brandy, apple brandy, and vodka fuse with each other, yielding a very enticing and exhilarating drink that mesmerizes your senses.

new day cocktail


10. Steeplejack

In a chilled glass filled with ice cubes, pour brandy, apple juice, soda, and lime juice, one after the other. Stir well, garnish with a lime wedge, and serve.



The apple cocktails mentioned above are ideal for an apple themed party as well as for Christmas and Thanksgiving! Nevertheless, you can try them whenever you want to!


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10 Easy Apple Cocktails