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Easy Kiwi Cupcake Ideas

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Bake a batch of kiwi cupcakes to cool yourself during scorching summers. The natural coolness and the sweetness of the kiwis render a marvelous tenderness and velvety softness to these cupcakes. Here are some interesting cupcake recipes that recommend infusing kiwi …


Delightful Kiwi Cupcake Recipes


1. Kiwi Raspberry Cupcakes

Kiwi Raspberry Cupcakes

These are more like muffins and ideal for a special breakfast. Moist and chewy, these cupcakes rich with raspberries and kiwis are ideal munchies as well. While these are not very sweet, you can give it a sweet touch by topping off with red food color added white chocolate frosting and few fresh raspberries.


2. Strawberry Cupcakes With Kiwi Butter Frosting

A summery cupcake, these light bite-sized goodies are perfect to be relished any time during the year. Despite being rich with strawberry, they are quite moist and tender. The strawberry cupcakes get a trendy outlook when they are topped with this kiwi rich and creamy butter frosting. Mashed up kiwis are blended well with vanilla flavored creamed butter and sugar mixture to yield a fluffy frosting. Do not forget to garnish them with freshly sliced kiwis.


Now that the holidays are round the corner, you would definitely need some tasty goodies. Just follow your instincts and give these kiwi cupcake ideas a chance!


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Easy Kiwi Cupcake Ideas