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Easy Raisin Cupcake Ideas

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Raisin Cupcake RecipesAdd a delicious change to the taste of breakfast cupcakes with these enticing raisin cupcake ideas. Quick and easy to make, these cupcakes are great as little finger foods or as mid-morning energy boosters. Here are some cupcake recipes, that incorporate raisins.


Delightful Raisin Cupcake Recipes


1. Raisin Cupcakes

Raisin Cupcakes

These fruity cupcakes, flavored with assorted spices, are perfect goodies for lunchboxes, packed picnics, and parties. Kids will love making them, too. Get your kids off to a great first day of school with a scrumptious batch of these cupcakes.


2. Orange Raisin Cupcake

Orange Raisin Cupcakes

The infusion of orange gets this raisin rich cupcake an amazingly wonderful flavor. These orange raisin cupcake display a combination of fruits and the dry fruits that is mind-blowing. The orange and spices combo gives these cupcakes a very good flavor and a pleasant aroma. Top it off with an orange buttercream for transforming them into marvelous festive desserts.


3. Zucchini Raisin Cupcake With Cinnamon Frosting

Zucchini Raisin Cupcake With Cinnamon Frosting

You can try this as an alternative to sandwich to be tucked in as school or for delicious munchies when you feel hungry at your desk. Serve these decadent mini cakes fresh out of the oven for a wonderful start to your day! Or, just top it off with a rich cinnamon flavored frosting for a gleeful weekend.


Add some spicy zing to your life with these raisin cupcake ideas! Your kids are sure to adore you!


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Easy Raisin Cupcake Ideas