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3 Easy Sweet Potato Cupcake Ideas

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Sweet Potato Cupcake RecipesGive your favorite soul food a novel and contemporary touch with these sweet potato cupcake ideas. A delicious dessert option, this easy, quick, and flavorful goodie will keep everyone yearning for more. Take a bite of good health in a delightful way with the recipes mentioned below…


Top 3 Sweet Potato Cupcake Recipes


1. Sweet Potato Streusel Cupcake

Sweet Potato Streusel Cupcake

These muffin-like cupcakes can be relished anytime. They have everything in them – nuts, raisins, and spices enveloped in a flavorful bite-sized cake! To add to the richness, they also have a crunchy nut topping. Serve them fresh and warm to feel the spirit of autumn.


2. Spicy Orange Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Spicy Orange Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Try these spicy and sweet treats as your Halloween desserts. They are quite interesting and taste splendid. While it is not a very cakey type delight, the chewy denseness rendered by sweet potato makes it a pleasing treat for the palate. The rich orange hue of these baked goodies makes them visual treats also. Try to frost them with a creamy cream cheese frosting and top them with caramelized pecans for a festive outlook!


3. Sweet Potato Pecan Cupcakes

Sweet Potato Pecan Cupcakes

Spicy, sweet, moist, and jam-packed with nutritional values, these cupcakes bring in the enchanting flavors of the fall into your kitchen. Just one bite, and you will feel yourself getting addicted! Since these are mess-free delights, they can easily be packed into your snack box for a healthy munch. And, when you serve it to the kids, make sure you add a liberal topping of chocolate peanut butter!


Now, if you have leftover sweet potatoes, you can put them to use with these easy sweet potato cupcake ideas! The payoff will be richly baked Christmas desserts!

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3 Easy Sweet Potato Cupcake Ideas