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Top 10 African Street Food

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African Street Food Delights

Lack of enough high end food joints and restaurants in many of the developing and under developed nations of Africa make street foods an integral part of travel to this part of the world. Get rid of the worries of food bugs and relish the genuine taste of the classic culture of these nations with the authentic street foods. African cuisine, a hodgepodge of countless cultures, offers a diverse range of street foods. Here is a sneak peek into the delightful African street food fares on offer.


10 Popular African Street Food Delights


10. Gatsby

The most popular street food of Cape Town, this is a filling delight. Served along with cheese, chips, and salad, the taste and flavor of this meat-stuffed baguette delicacy is sure to take you by surprise.


9. Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow

This dish comes with an influence from the Indian culture as it originated during the apartheid, when people were restricted from using cutlery. A loaf of bread is scooped out, filled with atchar or fufu and then, covered with the bread portion. This African street food resembles the vada pav, a very interesting Mumabi street food.  


8. Injera Bread

Injera Bread

Served along with different types of wats, the classic African spicy stew, injera bread is of course the most savored street food. There is o single way to relish this authentic African delicacy. So, try it according to your taste!


7. Kenkey

Also known as Komi or Doknonu, it is a staple dish of West Africa. Prepared from maize or ground corn, this African dish is a steamed delicacy. Commonly served with assorted African stews, the red pepper sauce is also served, if you want a piquant touch to your meal.  


6. Lemonade


Nothing can be more refreshing and revitalizing than a glass of cold lemonade. Made using freshly squeezed lemon, this cold drink is surely a thirst quencher.


5. Beef Kebabs

Beef Kebabs

Turkish influence on African cuisine comes clearly visible with these delicious kebabs. Beef, marinated with assorted spices, are skewered and grilled to perfection. Relish them hot with salad.


4. Merguez


A spicy, crimson colored beef or sausage dish from North African cuisine, harissa or chili pepper is used in profuse amounts to spice up this dish. A comfort food by all means, it is usually grilled or relished with couscous. You can even try it as a stuffing for your sandwich.


3. Chin Chin

Chin Chin

A fried snack, Chin Chin is a very popular street food in Nigeria as well as West Africa. A donut-like delicacy, it is available commonly as a fried snack. However, you may at times get the baked variant flavored with nutmeg.


2. Akara


This dish is the evidence of Brazilian impact on African kitchens. These deep-fried golden-colored bean delicacies are sold all over Nigeria by street vendors, mostly women.


1. Moin Moin

Moin Moin

This steamed bean pudding is a native of Nigeria. A delicate blend ofblack-eyed beans, freshly ground peppers, and onions, Moin Moin comes in the shape of a cylinder.


There is unlimited scope for gourmands to explore the African street food delicacies. So, if you are an ardent food lover, then you should try them!


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Top 10 African Street Food