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Top 10 Cuban Street Food

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Cuban Street Food DelightsCuba is not one of those places which will offer you some fine dining, but the Cuban street food fares are something every food aficionado should try. Here are few of the delights from Cuban streets, which is sure to wow you. Read on…







Most Common Cuban Street Food Delights


1. Coquito Acaramelado

Coquito Acaramelado

This is a sweet dish found commonly in Havana. Prepared using sugar, coconut, and cocoa, the best part of this street fare is that it is not deep-fried, but boiled. The street vendors, most commonly women, prepare the dish in the night to be sold out next morning.


2. Cuban Sandwiches

Cuban Sandwiches

This is a classic Cuban street eat. Lightly butter bread slices are stuffed with pork and served alongside onions, tomato sauce, and cheese plus plantain or taro fritters.


3. Roasted Peanuts

Roasted Peanuts

These are called as Manis in Cuba. You will able to see street vendors holding a dozen or two white cones filled with freshly roasted peanuts. And, what more, you get these simple, yet delightful snack at each nook and corner of Havana.


4. Guarapo


If you want to quench your thirst, then instead of choosing your favorite cola, grab a glass of gurapo. This drink is nothing, but freshly pressed sugarcane juice. An absolutely healthy street fare, it is filling, refreshing, and energizing as well.


5. Churros


These are delightful Mexican pastries, which are deep-fried to golden brown. They taste fabulous when enjoyed fresh and paired with Mexican hot chocolate.


6. Papa Rellena

Papa Rellena

A classic dish from authentic Peruvian cuisine, this dish is among the most sought after street delicacies in Cuba. However, the ones you get in Cuba come with a slight variation. You can serve them hot or cold and they are delicious, comfort foods.


7. Frita Al Plato

Quite similar to a sandwich, this dish has a patty slid between two slices of bread, plain or slathered with butter. Try this with some fried chicken marinated with garlic juice and a glass of fresh orange juice for a complete, heavy meal.


8. Tamales


This is a classic Latin American dish. Prepared by wrapping a mixture of ground corn, masa, and other spices in a cornhusk and steaming, this is available in different flavors and fillings – cheese, pork, and chicken, to name a few.


9. Chicharritas De Plátano

Don’t go by the name. The name is confusing, but the street snack is very tasty. To explain it simply, it is plantain chips. Yes, plantains are cut into thin slices and deep-fried in hot oil. While these can be relished on their own, they can be enjoyed with tomato ketchup or any seasoning of your choice.


10. Pan Con Minuta

Pan Con Minuta

This is a fried fish sandwich. Fish, dipped in a batter made of egg and flour, are deep-fried and flavored with a sauce made of onions, garlic, and vinegar before stuffing into bread slices.


These are just few of the Cuba street food delights, but the list goes on and on…


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Top 10 Cuban Street Food