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Ramadan Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

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Ramadan Dessert — Dessert For DiabeticsDesserts make up for an integral art of any traditional festive meals and it might take quite some effort to say 'no' to it during the festival time, especially if you are a diabetic. To make sure that you do not go deprived this Eid, we have listed few great Ramadan dessert ideas for diabetics that will help you glut on as many helpings of desserts as you want without having to bother about your soaring sugar levels. These sugar-free alternatives are all you need to make your Eid extra-special this year. Scroll down to pick your favorite sugar-free dessert delight.


Healthy Ramadan Dessert Ideas For Diabetics



Eid celebrations are incomplete without ‘seviyaan’, a scrumptious sweet milk pudding made from dry fruits, milk, and roasted vermicelli. However, to make this delicacy all the more diabetic-friendly, replace sugar with artificial sweetener like Stevia. Enjoy this dish warm or chilled.


 Labe Shirin

 Labe Shirin — Dessert Diabetics

This fruit delight is a must-have during Eid. Replete with fresh fruits, milk, and whipped cream, this dainty dessert is high on nutrition and taste. You can use any low carb, low GI fruits like cherries, peaches, apricots, apples, oranges, kiwi, grapes, etc. Also, to make this dessert healthier for diabetic people, substitute whole milk and full cream with skimmed milk and low-fat cream. Sprinkle some Stevia on top and you are done.



While the regular kheer comes packed with loads of sugar, you can modify the standard recipe and add a healthy touch to it by making apple kheer instead. Wholesome, nutritious, and delicious, this dessert melds in the wholesomeness of apples, dates, and walnuts and is prepared in low fat milk. While apples and dates lend natural sweetness to the dish, walnuts add in a light crunch.


Stuffed Figs

Stuffed Figs — Dessert For Diabetics

Enid is indeed the time to forego all inhibitions and binge. However, if you would like to give all-milk, all-sugar dessert a skip, then stuffed figs is all you need to sweeten your taste buds this Enid. Made with figs, almond and low fat cream cheese, this delicacy is all you need to sweeten up your celebrations on a special occasion as this.


Almond Dessert

This Turkish delicacy made with almonds and milk is a treat for your sweet tooth. However, if you are concerned about the sugar content, just replace it with apple syrup or maple syrup or use Stevie instead.



These diabetic-friendly Ramadan desserts are sure to light up your celebrations like nothing else.


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Ramadan Dessert Ideas For Diabetics