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Top 10 Filipino Street Food

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Filipino Street FoodThe multi-hued vast spectrum of Filipino street food goodies shows you the kind of penchant the people of Philippines have for street eats. Known as Pagkaing Kalye in Filipino, the assorted inexpensive, yet scrumptious delights can be bought across the nation from the street peddlers or vendors. The widespread, cheap rates, and taste of these Philippines street foods make them so popular and much in demand. Here is the ifood list of the top 10 street food delights from the streets of Philippines.


10 Must Try Filipino Street Food Delicacies


1. Kwek Kwek

Kwek Kwek

The orange hued delights are nothing but hard-boiled eggs, dipped in a flour batter, and deep-fried. If quail eggs are used to prepare this delightful dish, then you call these Tukneneng. These street eat can be enjoyed with the sauce used for preparing fish balls or with special vinegar.


2. Banana Cue

Banana Cue

This street goodie prepared from semi-ripe plantain is not for you if you are calorie conscious. These deep-fried delights prepared by rolling in brown sugar and skewered on a bamboo stick make for an ideal dessert. Nevertheless, people prefer to relish the taste of this Philippines street food by enjoying it as a snack.


3. Isaw


Despite being a grilled dish, you should have some kind of courage to taste this. Thoroughly cleansed pig or chicken intestines are seasoned, and then boiled, before skewering on to bamboo sticks as half loops and grilling to perfection.


4. Adidas


The name does sound funny, but this is, I feel, one of the tastiest among the Filipino street foods. Chicken feet, cooked in the adobe way, are barbecued. These delightful street fares are then mounted on bamboo sticks and sold after slathering with spicy vinegar for an enriched dining experience.


5. Corn


Corn on the cob, wrapped in a plastic cocoon, is boiled until its wonderful aroma awakens the senses. The kernels are separated from the cob are flavored with salt and margarine or a less costly cheese mixture for added taste.


6. Turon


This is a sweet delight. Wrapped in an egg wrapped, the saba comes with a generous sprinkle of sugar, followed by a good douse of brown sugar. These are then deep-fried to perfection and store in airtight containers. In the times when jackfruits available, the long strips of this fruit are used instead of saba.


7. Kakanins


To put it simply, these are rice cakes. Available in countless shapes and colors, these are normally available in the streets of Philippines in the morning, and that too from roving women vendors.


8. Taho


If you see two persons carrying a bamboo stick with an aluminum container hanging from it, then you can make sure it is taho. Silky smooth bean curd is served with tapioca balls and thick brown sugar syrup.


9. Iskrambol


An icy brew consisting colored gelatin pieces, shaved ice, condensed milk, sago, and sugar, this is a perfect treat. The flavor of this dish comes from its drooling chocolate syrup topping.


10. Halo Halo

Halo Halo

If you are in Philippines during summer, then here is a treat for you.  Available in various flavors and colors, these are sure to help you ease your sweating.

Now, it is time you pack your bags to Philippines. Now that you know about some of the interesting Filipino street food delights, you will never get a chance to feel hungry while roaming in this nation.

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Top 10 Filipino Street Food