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New Year Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

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New Year Dessert Ideas — Desserts For DiabeticsIf you are diabetic and looking for some low-calorie, low-sugar alternatives to the decadent delights served during New Years party, then these classic, sugar-free options can light up your celebrations. Scroll down these New Year dessert ideas for diabetics and get gorging!






Healthy New Year Desserts For Diabetics


Spiced Apple Puddings

This delicious dessert is easier to make than it looks. It is made with unsweetened apple juice, mixture of granulated sugar substitute, cornstarch, cinnamon, and egg. Although, this version uses Splenda to make the pudding, you can use other artificial sweeteners too. Top it off with apple syrup and you have a dessert that is not only lot more yummier, but is low in fat and sugar too.


Carrot Pie Surprise

Carrot Pie Surprise — Desserts For Diabetics

This delicious combination of carrots, peach juice, and cream cheese for the filling and vanilla pudding, margarine, milk, and sliced peaches and carrots for the crust makes this dish totally a guilt-free indulgence. Just substitute sugar with Splenda brown sugar and there you have a dessert delicacy to die for. Another low-fat recipe will save your glucose levels from shooting high.





Orange Tapioca

This New Year, do not just settle for sugar-free rusks or low-sugar gingerbread cupcakes. Add a fresh spin to your boring desserts with this delicious dessert recipe that makes use of fat-free milk, eggs, orange juice, vanilla extract, and fresh diced and deseeded orange. Use Stevia instead of sugar to make this dish a delicious, diabetic-friendly dessert that whole family can enjoy.


Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding — Desserts For Diabetics

Does living with diabetes mean going without your favorite bread pudding. Not necessarily so. Just modifying the dessert with any sugar substitute can turn this decadent delicacy into a yum, yum treat for diabetics. Top it off with delectable lemon sauce and you are done.





Chocolate Chip Scones

These scones are made of wheat flour, baking powder, Sweet n' Low brown sugar, margarine, non-fattening yogurt, vanilla, and chocolate chips and make for a healthy indulgence for anyone, more so the diabetics.


Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie —  Desserts For Diabetics

If you have stayed away from this decadent dessert for the fear of corn syrup and molasses, then it is time to change your way! This diabetic version comes packed with unsweetened applesauce, plain gelatin, apple juice concentrate, and granular fructose. Serve it alone or topped with low-sugar whipped cream.



These luscious, sugar-free desserts are what any diabetic would need to kick start their New Year celebrations. Happy indulging!


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New Year Dessert Ideas For Diabetics