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Top 10 Greek Street Food

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Greek Street FoodDespite the presence of countless cafes offering meze, there is no dearth to the delicious foods available in the streets of Greece. From chicken sandwiches to the Dutch croquettes to Flemish fries and hot dogs, the Greek streets offer some cool foods. Very much part of the authentic Greek cuisine, these Greek street food delicacies are dedications to the street food aficionados. Here are the 10 best street foods from Greece.








10 Adorable Greek Street Food Delights


10. Koulourakia


Despite being the Easter favorite, this cookie with a glazed top is relished as one of the most popular street foods. Available mostly during Easter season, these are enjoyed traditionally with afternoon tea or thick Greek coffee.


9. Moussaka


A national dish of Greece, the recipe of this adorable street food has been passed over to the generations. A triple-layered baked eggplant and beef casserole, it tastes fabulous when eaten fresh. You can make it more flavorful by adding the sauce of your choice as the topping.


8. Flemish Fries Aka Vlaamse Frites

Vlaamse Frites

Delicacies from the Belgian cuisine, the fries are one of the most sought after street foods in Amsterdam. Relished by people across the world, these fries are very similar to French fries and are eaten with rich mayonnaise.


7. Hummus


This is a Middle Easter dip, which is relished as an appetizer. Serve with pita bread, the chickpea-based dish comes with the tanginess of lemon juice and goodness of olive oil. You can buy it from the streets of Greece and enjoy them with French Fries.


6. Souvlaki


The char-grilled kebabs make for a filling meal. Chicken, pork, or lamb pieces are grilled on coals until tender. You can relish them with rice-salad or as a stuffing for pita bread with onions, tomatoes, and s sauce of your choice.


5. Gyro


A gyro is quite similar to a sandwich. Meat roasted on vertical spits is wrapped in pita bread along with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce.


4. Tyropita


A layered pastry dish of Greek cuisine, buttered phyllo layers are filled with a mixture of egg and feta cheese. Kasserotopia, a variety of this dish, comes with kasseri instead of feta cheese. A mid-morning delicacy, it is relished by the Greeks when they skip their breakfasts.


3. Katiki


Slightly tangy in flavor, this fresh cheese is spreadable in nature. Prepared from a mixture of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk, this white, creamy cheese can be relished with bread or with French fries as a dip.


2. Loukoumades


Who does not drool over puffs? This is a sweet golden puff, deep-fried and soaked in a mixture of honey and sugar. Top these sweet delights with powdered sugar ti indulge in a heavenly experience.


1. Kroket


Golden, deep-fried delicacies made with minced meat, potatoes, fish, egg, onion, milk, wine, assorted spices, and herbs, it is a crunchy dish enjoyed as an appetizer. It can also be enjoyed as a side with a light soup for a filling meal.


Now that you have taken a visual tour, try them out and savor the flavor and taste of the awesome Greek street food delicacies.


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Top 10 Greek Street Food