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5 Easy Dinner Ideas with Spinach

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spinach leavesThere is a the time when most moms come up with  extraordinary dinner ideas with spinach and the kids simply love to wolf it down as it tastes different. The tradition goes on as we share some great dinner ideas that include spinach based dishes– hope you enjoy them.


1. Pasta  with Spinach and Ricotta :

A perfect combination of spinach pasta and cheese makes the dish yummy, healthy, and filling. You can prepare and serve the dish in  less than an hour. Spinach is considered to be a nutrient dense food that helps in proper brain functioning; their anti-inflammatory property protects us from several diseases – so, include it in abundance.


2. Spinach-Sour Cream  Dish:

This is a delectable dish taken from the American cuisine! You can prepare the dish within half an hour and serve it along with rice or chapatti, the Indian flatbread. Sour cream makes the dish creamy in texture and gives it a tangy taste.


3. Welsh Onion Potato Spinach Dish :

Healthy and filling dish! Where a variety of vegetables and spinach are tossed together and served with a salad dressing of your choice. You can prepare and serve the dish within 15 minutes. This European culinary invention contains beans sprouts which is considered to be a good source of vitamin C. Its low calorie content makes the dish perfect even for people who are fussy eaters.


4. Spinach  Oriental:

It is an amazing side dish from the American cuisine, perfect for  special occasions. You can quickly prepare the dish and surprise guests and family. Presence of tofu makes the dish a healthy alternative for vegetarians. It gives the dish a different taste and  also an excellent source of high quality protein.


5. Creamed Spinach - A La Franchise:

An irresistible dish that should not be missed! It has a creamy texture as well as a fine aroma. Nutmeg, used in the dish is packed with several medicinal properties.

With these interesting dinner ideas with spinach, I am sure your family members and guests will enjoy their meal like nevver before!


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5 Easy Dinner Ideas With Spinach