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5 Easy Dinner Ideas with Meat

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Delicious meat pie for dinnerWe are all fond of meat recipes but avoid cooking meat in a hurry or for dinner, since meat dishes are known to take a lot of time and sometimes are a bit complicated. This is all not true – dinner ideas with meat can be simple and easy, provided you know about a few such dishes. Here, we present a few easy dinner ideas which you can try out!


Meat stew:


Stew is an integral part of dinner! Meat stew can be prepared quickly using meat (crab, beef, turkey and lamb). You can add vegetables of your choice to the meat stew as per your preference such as carrots, cabbage and beans to add to the nutritional count of the stew. Meat stew can be served with other dishes such as rice, barbecued chicken and also roasted turkey. This stew brings a great start to your dinner and is specially enjoyed during the chilly winter days.


Easy meat pie:


A superb dish for all meat and pie lovers served for dinner. Grated Swiss cheese and sliced mushrooms add to the richness and flavor of the dish. The specialty of this dish is its ‘leaves crust’ which is extraordinarily flavorful due to the presence of a considerable amount of beef fat.Mouthwatering beef dish


Easy Quiche:


Shredded American cheese and cream celery soup adds a creamy texture to the quiche. This is one of the few dishes which you can serve as a part of your everyday dinner and on special occasions when family members gather to celebrate.


Beef Hot dish:


This is one meat dish which my mom used to prepare whenever we had guests at home. It’s not a dish which requires a huge list of ingredients, nor doe it need elaborate preparation time. This beef dish gets its main flavor from the mushroom soup and chicken rice soup which is used to cook the noodles and ground meat. A dash of seasoning and the hot dish is completely ready.


Easy Lasagna:Tasty meat lasagna


An easy dish for all meat lovers! The unique feature of this dish is that the lasagna noodles are not cooked before assembling them. The noodles are cooked while the lasagna slowly bakes during cooking. Raw turkey is mainly used in the preparation of this lasagna. Ricotta cheese offers the much needed richness to the dish.


Next time you choose to prepare meat, try the above easy meat dinner ideas – I am sure, you will have your favorite one soon!


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5 Easy Dinner Ideas With Meat