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Sometimes I think we need to take the time to change the recipes we cook week after week. So here are some great tips to do just that. Planning is the key...even if it is in your mind....Take the time to write cause it sure does help.

But before you plan you might want to ask your family to suggest some dishes....some that they would love to eat. This will give you a great start. Sometimes, even they don't realize that it is pretty tough to come up with delicious as well as nutritious meals day after day.

1. Make sure you have at least 2 green leafy veges in a week.

2. Plan for wholesome and well balanced meals....that means make sure you have one salad/raita everyday !

3. Plan for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.....alternate days. Keep in mind that your family's health is in your hands and so plan on serving them healthy food.

4. Plan a simple menu, using dishes you usually make...easily.

5. Write down the ingredients you would need for the week using your menu.

6. Try only 1 or 2 new recipes each week so that with time you can add variety in your family meals.

7. You might want to start a list of recipes that become your family's favorite. Arrange them in different
categories....appetizers, non-veg, veg, rice dishes...etc. I have seen that sometimes we forget what they had liked when you had made it.

8. Keep this book in the kitchen itself so it is easily accessible whenever required.

9. Look in your refrigerator to see what you can use this week. Look for recipes on the net using those ingredients.

10. Make a variety of menus - include all kinds of
cuisines....Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai etc.

11. Make use of leftovers from previous meals and turn them into a dish by itself for the next day.

12. Once your menu is planned....either in your mind or on
paper.....making a list for groceries is very very essential....this way you will not forget anything and/or buy any extras.....especially when you go grocery shopping when hungry ! :)

Hope these few tips help you with your menu planning !

**I found this & thought it would useful for few members who have been questioning about meal planning ! Have a great meal planned week..enjoy cooking!


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