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10 Popular Japanese Noodle Dishes

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Bukkake Udon – Cold Udon NoodlesJapanese noodle dishes make for a delectable palate. Among the innumerable Japanese noodles dishes, quite a few belong to traditional Japanese cuisine, while there are many varieties which have come to Japan from rest of the Asian countries, including China and Korea. Noodles, in fact, form one of the main staples of the Japanese cuisine. From the basic noodles to noodle soups or the chilled noodles served with dipping sauce, Japanese cuisine offers you some really tasty noodle dishes. Check out here for more information…


Top 10 Popular Japanese Noodle Dishes

1. Zaru Soba

Zaru Soba

Soba noodles aka buckwheat noodles hails from authentic Japanese cuisine. Thick as the Italian spaghetti, Soba noodles can be served hot or cold with toppings of your choice. This variant of Soba noodles is served in basket made using bamboo. This is the most sought after dish during summers.


2. Miso Nikomi Udon

Udon noodles are thicker than the Japanese buckwheat noodles and can be enjoyed hot or cold. This hearty Japanese noodle dish is made with udon noodles. In short, this is nothing but Udon noodles simmered in a rich miso-soup base. This noodle dish is served hot.


3. Bukkake Udon – Cold Udon Noodles

This is a very simple cold udon noodle dish. Cooked noodle is topped with sauce and assorted toppings like grated ginger, grated daikon radishes, sliced green, and boiled eggs. The sauce is poured over the noodles just  before eating.


4. Miso Ramen

A Ramen noodle is one of the noodles which were introduced from China, however over the time the noodles have become a part of authentic Japanese cuisine. These are generally prepared in soup and served with toppings of your choice. The noodles are cooked in miso soup along with vegetables of your choice and served hot.


5. Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

This is a Japanese noodles with a Korean influence. Thin Ramen noodle is served in soup with assorted delicious toppings. In this variant, pork broth is used.


6. Cold Somen Salad

Cold Somen Salad

The thin Somen noodles are traditional Japanese noodles, prepared from wheat flour. This Somen noodle dish is eaten cold. This is the most sought after noodle dish in summer. This cold somen salad is made using lots of summer veggies.


7. Yakisoba


These are deep-fried noodles with a Chinese twist. Serve with meat, veggies, and ginger, these deep-fried delicacies make for wonderful winter dishes. Yakisoba noodles are served wrapped in omelet and this is known as Omusoba.


8. Hiyamugi


These are wheat noodles served like udon and somen. White in color, these noodles come as bundles with brown or pink hues. They are very thin in size and fragile in texture. While these noodles are most commonly served as cold noodles, you can serve them hot alongside a vegetable or meat sauce.


9. Shirataki


This white waterfall Japanese noodle dish is rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates, making it a nutritious choice among the dieters. These chewy noodles are used in Japanese cuisine for adding texture to the Japanese winter stews – sukiyaki and oden.


10. Tsukemen


The word Tsukemen stands for dipping noodles. Noodles are served hot along with a dipping sauce and toppings of your choice.


These are the 10 most popular Japanese noodle dishes which are relished by Japanese as well as the Japanese food aficionados. So, try preparing them and savor them.

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10 Popular Japanese Noodle Dishes