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American School Lunch Ideas

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American School Lunch Ideas -- American School LunchMake lunch fun for your kids with these easy, exciting American school lunch ideas and your child won’t trade his/her lunch ever again. One of the biggest challenges for every parent is to pack a lunch that isn’t just nutritious, but also visually appealing to the eyes. After all, kids love foods that are fancifully decorated and presented. If you want to treat your child to something nutritious and nice, then you have to think beyond just biscuit, mac & cheese, green beans, and milk. Trail the write-up for exciting, kid-approved American school lunch ideas.


American School Lunch




When it comes to lunch, kids love fuss-free, decorated foods. Treat you child to something simple, scrumptious, and very nutritious like tasty tortilla pizzas topped with sausage, cheese, onions, and sour cream. You can also add some fresh fruits, ham, and yummy sauces to make your pizzas nutritious as well as tasty.


Chicken Nuggets and Spinach

Chicken nuggets teamed with spinach are always an instant hit with kids. As long as you don’t go overboard on oil and don’t pack in extra fats and calories, you can load the lunchbox with as many yummy nuggets and sautéed spinach as your kid would love to have.


String Cheese

String Cheese

Kids love string cheese, especially the twirled ones that combine two types of cheese. These snacks are healthy and tasty and can be easily tossed into your child’s lunchboxes.


Hole Foods

Kids are almost always fussy-eaters. Get them to enjoy their lunch by packing a cinnamon-raisin bagel with a glob of peanut butter and ripe banana. You can also add on a carton of yogurt and a few celery sticks to ensure that your child gets maximum nutrition.




If you can’t think of anything creative, then tossing in triple-dekered sandwiches or interesting shaped sandwiches would ensure that your child has a wholesome lunch. Just pick a slice of the sandwich crust and squeeze in some mayo, cheese, veggies, or chicken, and treat your kids to yummilicious lunch.


These American school lunch ideas are loaded with yummy options to ensure that your kids don’t go without lunch during mid-day break.


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Sandwiches have been packed for school lunches as time immemorial. Its time to change I think. What say?
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These American school lunch ideas are simply great ! Will surely pack some for my kids, they will make me feel like a super mom!
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luch ideas r really great!.....
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Tasty, delicious, these will lure the kids to ask for a second serving......
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some ideas are really nice.. worth a try
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very useful info..
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cool ideas...........thanks for sharing....
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Cheese strings is interesting...even for me ;-)
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no... are you like trying to get the AMerican kids fatter than they already are?
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Makes me want to go back to school ;)
American School Lunch Ideas