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Popular Summer Party Menus

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Summer is full of different events - parties, family get-togethers, cookouts, and many other events filled with fun. Having a few excellent menu ideas for the summer party in place enlivens the mood and celebrations. The question of what to serve at informal events is always hard to answer. You don’t have to search around though. ifood has come up with some great ideas, handpicked exclusively to satiate your taste buds. Read on…


Raw Menu

Summer is the season of freshly colored veggies and fruits. So, go raw this summer with an exclusive array of various dishes which do not require cooking.



Start your raw menu with a refreshing raw vegetable salad. Serve this interesting appetizer with a low cal Dressing. A sprinkle of pepper and salt adds taste to this delicious starter.  

raw vegie salad


Main Course

Vegetable Nori Rolls would make an interesting main course for your party. The goodness of sprouts, lettuce, avocado, blueberries, cherries, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and onion comes wrapped in raw nori rolls.



Side Dish

beetroot & apple salad will make for a great side dish. It goes very well with the rolls.




Keep serving homemade lemonade to ease the thirst experienced due to the scorching heat. You can also prepare the drinks well ahead of time and serve them chilled well.




No one can forget desserts. A fresh fruit platter, date almond milkshake, or strawberry milkshake make perfect dessert choices in your raw summer party menu.

date almond shake


Cold Summer Party Menu

Scorching sun is the quintessential factor of summer. The best way to defeat the heat is to opt for an all-cold menu for your summer party. The basic idea of a cold menu is to keep the food simple and cold. You can exclude the main courses in this particular menu. Instead, opt for a wider assortment of appetizers, side dishes, and desserts and chilled drinks.



A cold soup is a great appetizer. Melon Gazpacho, cherry soup, peach soup, etc are few of the options you can try. You can serve these soups with assorted crackers and a dash of fresh cream.

melon gazpacho


Side Dish

Since there is no main course served, choose slightly heavier side dish recipes. Some of the great choices would be fruity chicken salad, cold poached salmon , bean avocado salad, jellied avocado soup, and cranberry avocado salad.




Keep a good collection of chilled fruit drinks. You can include chilled orange juice, mango milkshake, lemonade, cranberry cooler, granitas, to name a few.




Talking about desserts, you can include ice cream in assorted flavors, cheesecakes, Frozen Dessert, Summer Dessert, Banana Pecan Dessert, etc.



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Popular Summer Party Menus