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What To Do With Leftover Chocolate Quick Ideas

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Chocolate House You have enjoyed the whole lot of chocolate that you received on Valentines’ Day, but still have some truffles, milk chocolates, and countless hearts. So what to do with leftover chocolate? Ifood has some interesting ideas. Right from  a wonderful dip to a delightful spread for a sweet sandwich to add flavor and crunchiness to your favorite cookies, you can use chocolates in innumerable ways. Read this blog to know more about the various delightful and simple ways to make use of your leftover chocolate.  


5 Interesting Things To Do With Leftover Chocolate


Chocolate-Dipped StrawberryChocolate-Dipped Strawberry 

Who would not love to indulge themselves in this sinfully rich delicacy? Few fresh or canned whole strawberries dipped in fresh hot molten chocolate and rolled in powdered confectioners’ sugar. The mere mention of this dessert is mouthwatering. These chocolate delights make divinely relishing desserts for even the most elegant parties.


Vanilla Ice Cream With Molten Leftover Chocolate Sauce 

Go cool this summer with this simple, yet mesmerizing dessert idea. Every mouth of this exotically tasting ice cream makes you crave for more. Just get a bucket of vanilla ice cream, scoop out into ice cream cups, top with the freshly molten chocolate sauce, sprinkle few roasted nuts and serve.


Bananas Royale With Chocolate Sauce 

If you are wondering what to do with leftover chocolate in an elegant way, then try this. This delightful chocolate sauce can be used as a topping for bananas along with whipped cream. Just add the leftover chocolate to the melted hot mixture of vanilla, cream, sugar, and butter before pouring over bananas to prepare a delicious dessert.


Chocolate Marshmallow Dip

Chocolate House

As kids, you would have read the story of Hansel and Gretel who lived in a chocolate house. Now, you can make your own chocolate house with the leftover chocolate. Just melt the leftover chocolate and build your house. This is an interesting way to make use of the leftover chocolate, which is quite appealing for the kids also.


Chocolate Marshmallow Dip 

Just dip large marshmallows mounted on toothpicks in molten chocolate sauce until the marshmallows have an even coating. Roll in powdered confectioners’ sugar and allow them cool. A soft, chewy chocolate treat is ready to be savored.


There are hardly people who do not love indulging in chocolates. So the next time you face the question what to do with leftover chocolate, you ought to try these interesting ideas.  



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Hey, I love all the ideas...!! But let me share the truth that I never faced this situation with leftover chocolates, as all my family members are too fond of chocolates. However, If this situation ever arises, I'll go for making the chocolate house. It seems to be so interesting. My kids will also enjoy this project with chocolate. Thanks a lot for such a nice post.
nithya's picture
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!
bronzegoddess.bright's picture
Chocolaty! I'm a chocolate fan!
Priam's picture
The chocolate house and santa looks fab...shall try this out with my girls...
nithya's picture
Do let me know the results!
ringa's picture
wow...they all look so yummy....droooooling.....
nithya's picture
Chocolate itself is drooling; so will the recipes made with these comfort foods!
FitGal's picture
So much you can do with chocolate that it is just not enough. Thanks for such a drooling article...
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Thanks for the comments!
barbecue's picture
so much to do with the leftover choco bits...amazing concept!
nithya's picture
Creativity is the answer to amazing concepts!
Anonymous's picture
Thanks for this abosolutely irresistible article on utilizing leftover chocolate. The chocolate house looks lovely and yeah I did read the Hansel and Gretel story when youung and how much I long for a chocolate house even today. :) Hey, I would like to know how to make the chocolate house in detail.Can you help me?
nithya's picture
Would let you know soon!
Rashmi Ambadkar's picture
Marshmallows with a chocolate dip kids love it !! Chocolates are never enough they just melt in......
nithya's picture
Very true Rashmi!
Anonymous's picture
Delightful delicacies for a great day!
nithya's picture
You are right!
Anonymous's picture
Cool ideas.....but i think people will hardly have left over chocolate in their houses. chocolate is such a thing that it gets over in no time.
delicious.bites's picture
Yum yum!!!
thot4food's picture
Left over chocolates? I don't have any left overs when it comes to chocolates. You can all send me your leftovers..another tip for using them:)
Anonymous's picture
Yet some more sinful ideas for eating more chocolates...sure u are a chocolate lover like me :-)
The.Hungry.Soul's picture
This is just a sinful read! I was drooling at the pictures. Chocolate coated strawberries are yummy. Though these tips were amazing I doubt id be needing them. I never have left over chocolate!!!!!!
foodietweetie's picture
yummy!! I love chocolate and these nice tips given me chance to enjoy the leftovers with some delicious foods.
smruti's picture
real appetizing ideas... but i wonder if i will ever have "leftover chocolate" and even if i do, whether it will survive thru the cooking process - if you know wat i mean ;-)
Shakun's picture
Innovative and yummy :D
What To Do With Leftover Chocolate Quick Ideas