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Canadian National Foods

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Maple Leaf

The Canadian National Foods have their roots in three major cuisines, the Aboriginal peoples in Canada, the English and the French. As the former Canadian, Prime Minister Joe Clark once said, "Canada has a cuisine of cuisines. It is not a stew pot, but a smorgasbord." Here is a look at the most popular Canadian dishes that truly qualify as the National foods of Canada…



Popular Canadian National Foods


Maple Syrup is voted to be Canada’s most famous national dish. Quebec is the world's largest producer of maple syrup and the Canadian flag boasts the maple leaf on it. Pancakes, with Maple syrup, eggs and Canadian bacon is the most common breakfast in Canada. Maple syrup is an integral part of Canadian cooking.


Canadian National Foods

Poutine is a dish of French fries, fresh cheese curds smothered with brown sauce or gravy. This Quebec originated dish is a staple found across Canada and it sold by Canadian fast food chains, small diners, pubs, and roadside wagons known as "Potato Shacks" Fancier versions of this Canadian National food may include ingredients such as lobster meat, rabbit confit, caviar, or truffles


Montreal bagels were introduced by Jewish immigrants to Canada during the late 1800's. It is a variety of small, sweet, dense hand-made and wood-fired baked bagels, dipped in a maple or honey sweetened liquid before being baked. There are two varieties; poppy seed, or sesame seed bagels


Montreal-style smoked meat is a type of Jewish and kosher-style deli meat product made by salting and curing beef brisket with spices. The meat is typically served as a rye bread sandwich covered with mustard.


Canadian peameal bacon is bacon from the back of the pork, brined, cured, boiled, or smoked and rolled in ground dried yellow peas or yellow cornmeal. It is usually roasted and glazed with maple or honey as a seasonal dish.


Salmon Jerky is Sockeye salmon hat has been cut into strips, marinated in a seasoned sweet rub or liquid, and smoked with low heat. The result is a sweet - savory snack.


Tourtière is a meat pie originating from Quebec, made with minced pork and/or veal, or beef and potatoes. It is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve but is also enjoyed and sold in grocery stores all year long.


Rappie pie is a traditional Acadian meal. It is a grated potato and meat casserole-like dish


Yellow pea soup is a traditional Canadian food made of whole yellow peas, with salt pork and herbs. Newfoundland Pea Soup is similar and includes vegetables. It is often topped with small dumplings.


Fish and brewis is a traditional Newfoundland meal consisting of codfish and hard bread or hard tack, and is served with scrunchions, salted pork fat which has been cut into small pieces and fried.


Bannock refers to the large variety of flat quick breads, baked or cooked from grain. Bannock is popular across First Nations and Native American communities throughout Canada. It was introduced by Scottish fur traders.


Butter tart is a small pastry tart made of butter, sugar, syrup, and egg cream filled into a flaky pastry and baked until the filling is semi-solid with a crunchy top. Similar versions of this are the Sugar pie, Pecan Pie and Backwards pie.


The Nanaimo bar is a Canadian dessert originating from the West-Coast city of Nanaimo. It is a bar cookie made of a wafer crumb-based layer, topped by a layer of light vanilla or custard flavored butter icing covered in melted chocolate.


These are some of the most popular Canadian national foods which are symbolic of the Candian cuisine. There are several regional specialities as well. 


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Canadian National Foods