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What To Do With Leftover Turkey Quick Ideas

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Turkey Rollup - The Perfect Solution To What To Do With Leftover Turkey

Once the Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations end, several of you will be left wondering - what to do with leftover turkey? Ifood offers you a wide assortment of dishes that can be prepared with leftover turkey – pies, sandwiches, soups, rollups, and many more. If you wish to find more on what to do with leftover turkey, just delve into this write-up…


Top 5 Ideas On What To Do With Leftover Turkey


Turkey Rollup 

This can be prepared as a sandwich also, but wrapped within a tortilla this tastes awesome. Spread some cranberry sauce, put some turkey on top of it, and roll and just enjoy. It still reminds you of a Thanksgiving meal, but with almost zero efforts.


Leftover Turkey Pie - An Interesting Thing To Do With Leftover TurkeyLeftover Turkey Pie 

One of the best things to do with leftover turkey is to prepare a pie. Rich with vegetables and cream of chicken soup, this idea comes with the flexibility of using the dressing of your choice. Just bake the pie to golden brown and serve hot with dressing and cranberries.


Leftover Turkey Soup 

Are you wondering what to do with your leftover turkey? Try this delicious soup prepared with leftover turkey. This recipe is a medley of the goodness of mushrooms and parsley. Simple, quick, easy to make, and great to taste, the leftover turkey soup is a good choice for a wonderful appetizer.

Leftover Turkey Soup - A Warm Answer To What To Do With Leftover Turkey

Leftover Turkey Casserole 

If you wish to enjoy a great meal with the leftover turkey with fewer efforts, then this casserole is the perfect choice. Rich with mayonnaise, this casserole just needs 20 minutes to be ready. The potato chips spread atop the casserole mixture gives it crunchiness. Add oodles of cheese before baking the casserole, Sprinkle seasoning in generous amounts just before your serve.


Turkey Waldorf Salad with Raw Kefir 

Give a new dimension to your leftover turkey with this Turkey Waldorf salad. Mix chunks of turkey with chopped pieces of onions, cucumber, and mint. You may add mayonnaise to help the mixture stick together. Chopped pecans and walnuts can be added for a crunchier salad. Serve the salad cold spread over your favorite sandwich bread.


The next time when you are confronted with the question of what to do with leftover turkey, try these recipe ideas!

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What To Do With Leftover Turkey Quick Ideas