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Easy Squash Casserole Ideas

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Easy Squash Casserole Squash casseroles are versatile – they can be appetizers, entrees, side dishes, or even dessert. Ifood presents to you some exciting and easy squash casserole ideas which can be prepared with simple ingredients. These quick squash casserole recipes have the reputation of being healthy and tasty. To know more about these easy squash casserole ideas, read on…


Top 7 Quick Squash Casserole Ideas


Squash Casserole 

This simple, but tasty, casserole can be prepared in a short time. The ingredients are very simple, but they blend with each other in such a way that the result is mesmerizingly tasty casserole. Include this casserole as a side dish for your weekend dinner meal and impress your family. Choose fat-free cheese for a healthier option. You can use jalapeno peppers for green chilies to enjoy a milder squash casserole.


Squash & Millet Casserole 

A very easy to prepare casserole with the goodness of millet, this versatile side dish fits into any meal, formal or casual, easily. You just need to toss squash slices with rest of the ingredients and then bake it. Tomato juice and stewed tomatoes add a tangy, refreshing touch to this casserole, while herb salt pepper renders a fresh, exciting flavor.


Butter Pecan Squash Casserole 

A squash casserole with pecan topping, this side dish from Canadian cuisine is flavored with coriander and rosemary. Butter and cream gives this a velvety touch while pecans and onions add to the crunchiness of this flavorful casserole.


Potato Chip Squash Casserole 

This delicious casserole is made with squash and crunchy potato chips. A good choice as a side dish for a daily family dinner or an elegant dinner party, this versatile dish needs just 30 minutes to be ready. The cream of mushroom soup blends with American cheese making this a creamier side dish. You can add seasoning to alter the flavor according to your choice.


Spanish Squash Casserole 

This dish, as the name indicates, hails from Spanish cuisine. A healthy choice as a side dish, this tasty delight comes with the goodness of brown rice, tomatoes, and bell pepper. Season the casserole with just salt and pepper or with salt, hot pepper sauce and a dash of lemon juice. You can even sprinkle a little fat-free cheese atop the mixture for added taste.


Butternut Squash Casserole - Quick Squash CasseroleButternut Squash Casserole

Do you wish to enjoy casserole as a dessert? Then, you have made the right choice. Squash, eggs, sugar, margarine, coconut flavoring, milk, and ginger are mixed thoroughly and baked with a topping of crackers. You can sprinkle powdered confectioners' sugar atop hot baked casserole and sprinkle few roasted cashew nuts for added taste.


Squash En Casserole 

Tender squash, delightful cheese, and cream make this casserole an exotic side dish or a hearty main course. This great dish can be made with low-fat cheese and cream. A sweet, salty, and spicy casserole, this can be relished with a hot fiery sauce of your choice.


Plan a squash themed party today to prepare these versatile and easy squash casserole ideas!


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Easy Squash Casserole Ideas