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Abalone Menu

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An abalone menu does not have to seem like a challenge if you know what all you can do with it. Abalone, once it is cleaned, can be prepared in a variety of ways. The flavor of abalone is something to be relished and not crushed with complex herbs.

Abalone Steak

An abalone is a sea snail also referred to as sea ears and venus' ears. Abalone, which range from 4 inches to a foot long, attach to rocks with a muscle called a "foot." The foot is the abalone part people eat as a delicacy. Although it can be eaten raw, it is often cooked because of being a tough meat. Cutting an abalone into steak is a messy process that requires trimming off the many inedible parts of the snail.



Tender Abalone


Found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, preparing abalone takes patience and skill, and it takes just a moment for abalone to turn tough and inedible. Every step of the cooking process, from the first slice to the final seconds on the stove, is integral to creating a tender abalone dish. he method by which abalone is cut and prepared affects the tenderness of the finished dish. Pounding abalone with a meat tenderizing mallet is necessary to make tender abalone.


Breaded Abalone

Breaded Abalone


This dish is extremely delicious and does not require any deep frying, simple sautéing will get the job done. You can season the breadcrumbs with ingredients like all spice, onion powder and lemon pepper to give abalone some more flavor. The aroma that will fill your house when cooking this is going to be really mouth watering. You can sauté the abalone with some melted butter for just about 45 seconds on each side and the dish is done. Simple and easy!


Abalone Ceviche


This is truly a unique dish, as not very many people would have tried ceviche made from abalone. It is guaranteed to stand out on your abalone menu and garner a lot of fans. You will need to marinate the cubed abalone in lime juice overnight so it can really absorb the flavor. You can use veggies like mild onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, and cilantro to add some more taste. Remember to chill the ceviche for an hour before serving and accompany it with some cold beer, which will really hit the spot for your guests.


Abalone Ceviche

While preparing the dishes from this abalone menu, remember these edible sea snails can range from small to very large. Keep the dish in mind while buying them to make sure none goes to waste. Have fun cooking.


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Abalone Menu