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Easy Potato Casserole Ideas

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Hasb Brown Casserole - Easy Potato Casserole

Ifood presents a wide collection of easy potato casserole ideas, which are so versatile that they can be included for any meal or party. These quick potato casserole ideas are not just simple, but they taste superb. Delve into this ocean of easy potato casserole ideas to know more...


Top 10 Quick Potato Casserole Ideas


Potato Casserole 

The basic, simple, and easy potato casserole, it is rich with the goodness of tomatoes as well. Boiled potatoes are mashed thoroughly with half-and-half, butter, sautéed vegetables, and seasoned with salt and pepper, before being baked. Sprinkle cheese and paprika atop the casserole mixture before baking for tastier addition.


Hash Brown Casserole 

This delicious potato casserole is ideal for a dinner or potluck. A very light, simple, easy, and quick casserole made from some tasty ingredients, all you need to do is to mix all the  ingredients, top with cheese and corn flakes and bake it to golden brown. You can prepare this ahead of time and just reheat it before serving.


Potatoes Au Gratin - Quick Potato CasserolePotatoes Au Gratin 

Au gratin potatoes make a special side dish to a weekend dinner or holiday meal. A vegetarian casserole made with hash browns, cheddar cheese, and onions and seasoned with pepper and salt, these buttery potato casseroles taste great.


Ham And Potatoes Au Gratin 

This ham and potatoes casserole tastes simply superb. The ham is flavored with pepper, while cheese brings in a creamy touch.


Sardines And Potatoes Au Gratin 

A quick casserole ideal for the hectic and busy holidays, the delicious sardines and humbled potatoes are covered with cooked mixture of onion, cheese, Worcestershire sauce, butter, milk, pepper, and salt. The mixture is then baked to golden brown.


Beef And Potato Casserole 

The mixture of ground beef, evaporated milk, rolled oats, chili sauce, onion, salt, and pepper is spread over thin potato slices and baked. You can use a little ketchup to make the casserole more attractive.


Cottage Potato Casserole 

Combine potatoes with creamed cottage cheese, cream, scallions, salt, and pepper, and then bake it to golden brown with a sprinkle of your favorite seasoning. Allow butter to drizzle over the casserole mixture before to baking.


Cheese Scalloped Potatoes - Easy Potato CasseroleCheese Scalloped Potatoes 

Very simple ingredients, easy to prepare, and tasty to eat, this dish is an undeniable entry into even the most casual and laidback party. Just top the potatoes and olives with a mixture of Cheddar cheese soup, pepper, and milk and bake to golden brown.


Sour Cream & Potato Casserole 

Nothing can be simpler than this tasty and quick casserole idea. Just mix all the ingredients and bake for 6 minutes. The tasty and aromatic potato casserole is ready to be served. You can top the casserole mixture with seasoning of your choice to vary the taste.


Cream Cheese Potato Casserole 

Just forget yourself in this luscious indulgence without worrying about the healthy index. Delicious and mesmerizing, these potato casseroles are sure to take your family by surprise.


Try these magnificent, yet easy potato casserole ideas today and have a great time!


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Easy Potato Casserole Ideas