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552201-belgian-endive-apple-and-almond-salad.belgian-endive-apple-and-almond-saladAre you looking for Belgian appetizer ideas?


This article would help you to read and learn more about Belgian appetizers. Belgians love to eat and it is a well-known fact that Belgian food is served with the quantity of Germany and the quality of France.


Let’s see some of the best Belgian appetizer ideas:



Belgian appetizer ideas:



Belgian buttermilk soup:



Belgian buttermilk soup has a very long lasting taste. This pretty popular Belgian soup is made with buttermilk, flour, milk, egg yolks, and brown sugar. You can enjoy this soup with brown sugar.



Belgian endive apple and almond salad:



Belgian endive apple and almond salad is a nice tasting Belgian appetizer. The primary ingredients of this salad are obviously apple, endive, and almonds. You can toss in the salad with a dressing made up of lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil. Before serving the salad, do not forget to sprinkle salt and pepper.



Carbonade flamande:



Carbonade flamande is a traditional Belgian sweet-sour beef and onion stew made with beer. You can season this authentic Belgian appetizer with thyme and bay. Which type of beer you are using for making Carbonade flamande is very important. Traditionally an Oud bruin, Brune Abbey beer or Flanders red is the best beer choice with a bitter-sour flavor.




Trout with Belgian chicory:
Trout with Belgian chicory



Trout with Belgian chicory is a high protein Belgian appetizer. The dish is made with Belgian chicory and smoked streaky bacon. This is a good appetizer to serve to your European friends.  This trout with Belgian chicory is always a winner as an appetizer.



Shrimp croquettes:



Shrimp croquettes are very popular Belgium appetizer or snack item found in many restaurants of Belgium. These are very rich and satisfying. These croquettes are small fried food rolls which contain onion, shrimp, vegetables, and egg along with some spices and herbs. These shrimp croquettes can be shaped into a cylinder and deep fried. It is a real Belgian delicacy you wouldn't want to miss.


These are some good Belgium appetizer ideas. Hope these appetizer ideas give you some inspiration for your next party.


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Belgian Appetizer Ideas