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Sweet Potato Menu

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Sliced sweet potato

The best thing about a creating a sweet potato menu is that this vegetable can be cooked in a variety of ways and therefore the options you have to work with are endless. Remember, don’t confuse the sweet potato with a yam, they are two different vegetables. Here are some toothsome sweet potato menu ideas.


Baked Sweet Potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes provide a healthy alternative to a regular baked potato. Packed with vitamin A, baked sweet potatoes can be prepared mostly in the same way as regular potatoes, but the innate sweetness of the orange tuber provides a range of flavor options. Try twice-cooked baked sweet potatoes as a simple and tasty accompaniment to a main dish.



Sweet Potato Fries


It would be a sin to not feature sweet potato fries on a menu dedicated to sweet potatoes. This dish although a little e high on the caloric content is incredibly delicious. You don’t even feel the need for a condiment like ketchup or mayo to go with these; they bring so many flavors by themselves. Definitely healthier than eating regular fries, this dish is a guaranteed hit with any eater.


Sweet Potato Soup


Sweet potato soup


Sweet potatoes are much more than just a vegetable served at Thanksgiving dinner. This vegetable is packed with vitamins A and C, calcium and iron. Sweet potatoes can be cooked in a number of ways, but one of the easiest is to make soup. Soups can be complex or simple, but any sweet potato soup is delectable. You can garnish this soup with some homemade croutons and serve with hearty, country-style bread.


Sweet Potato Pie

Some desserts are just for the festive season, but this one is just too tasty to have only twice a year. You can always use low fat ingredients to make this dish a little less fattening than the traditional southern sweet potato pie. After the pie is done, you serve it with some vanilla ice-cream, just by itself or with whipped cream. One important thing to remember when making this dish is to boil the sweet potatoes slowly to make sure they are done well.


Sweet potato pie


Glazed Sweet Potatoes


Many holiday meals have exceptional dishes that we all look forward to when that time of the year comes around. Whether it is a particular main course like turkey or ham, or a particularly delicious side dish, they are built into some of our beloved traditions. Turkey dinners almost always have a sweet potato type dish. Glazed sweet potatoes are a scrumptious option that you can choose to make. They are appetizing, easy to make, and don’t require much time in the kitchen.


If you were thinking that a sweet potato menu was going to appear completely “country”, this menu has helped prove that wrong. Enjoy these delicious dishes and happy cooking!


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Sweet Potato Menu