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Swiss cheese fondueWhenever we think of Switzerland, we always think of beautiful Swiss Alps, lovely mountain cottages and snow covered mountains. But have you ever thought of Swiss appetizer ideas?


Well, Switzerland has some unique dishes, especially the appetizers, which are known for their distinctive taste and flavor. Being the country of farmers, there are many traditional Swiss dishes which are plain and made from simple ingredients such as cheese and potatoes.


Let’s see some of the traditional and authentic Swiss appetizers.



Swiss appetizer ideas:



Swiss cheese fondue:



Cheese fondue is a traditional Swiss appetizer which is believed to be originated in the Alps. It is a hearty peasant dish made with winter ingredients such as cheese, wine, and coarse peasant bread. The best thing about this appetizer is that it can be served along with the main course meal as well.



Asparagus Swiss roll:



Asparagus Swiss roll is a great Swiss appetizer which can be served at any party or get-together. You can keep the asparagus in a Swiss roll tin and toss with olive oil. Before serving it, season the dish with salt and pepper.


 Swiss and bacon pinwheel appetizers

Mountains Raclette:



This mountains raclette is a nice combination of raclette (melted cheese with potatoes, onions and pickles) and pierrade (grilled meats and vegetables). It is a fantastic Swiss appetizer because of the milky and creamy flavor of raclette cheese. Because this cheese is really graceful, this buttery appetizer pairs well with many kinds of wine.



Swiss and bacon pinwheel appetizers:



Swiss and bacon pinwheel appetizer is the wonderful invention of Swiss cuisine. If you have lot of bacon in your kitchen, then bacon pinwheel appetizer is the ideal dish to prepare. Try this dish and impress your family with your cooking skills.



Pineapple, ham and Swiss appetizers:


Pineapple, ham and Swiss appetizers


Pineapple, ham and Swiss appetizer is a simple but tasty Swiss appetizer which can be made in a very less time. You just need to spread the pineapple preserves on the cracker and top it with ham strip and cheese strip. Garnish the dish with parsley and serve to your guests.




Well, this is all about Swiss appetizer ideas. You do not need to be an expert or gourmet chef to try these dishes. Just little patience and creativity is required and you will surely fall in love with these exotic Swiss appetizers.


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Swiss Appetizer Ideas