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Asparagus Menu

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Fresh Asparagus


If you are planning to create an asparagus menu for your family or holiday guests, you will be happy to know that asparagus is very easy to work with. This vegetable is also healthy, and tastes delicious. Asparagus makes a great side for steaks, pork and chicken, it plates well and looks attractive on any dish. Here are some great asparagus menu ideas.






Cheesy Asparagus Potato Soup

This soup is an economical, nutritional meal. It contains healthy green vegetables, protein from the Colby cheese and vitamin D from the milk. This is quite a wholesome meal and you may find yourself too full to actually work on an entrée. It has such great flavor that people are surely going to want seconds so make it in extra quantity.


Asparagus Soup


Asparagus with Parmesan Penne

This is a scrumptious side dish or main dish for vegetarians. Roasting enhances the delicate flavor of asparagus; it's best done with longer stems. You can easily substitute the penne with rotini or rigatoni. Play around with spices like paprika to give it a spicy touch or some basil and thyme to give it a zing. Capers and olives go supremely well too, pair with a crisp white wine to make it a fantastic meal.



Brown Sugar Asparagus


The flavor of asparagus can take some getting used to, especially for children. By using a little brown sugar to it, this recipe turns boring asparagus into a sweet delight. Your children won't even realize how good asparagus is for them if you try this dish out for them today. This recipe requires chicken broth but you can just as easily use vegetable birth for vegans and vegetarians.

Asparagus cooked in butter


Bacon Wrapped Asparagus 

This is a simple dish that where you can make some really great oven-baked bacon wrapped asparagus. Bacon adds color and flavor to the vegetable and easy substitutions save calories.You can use pre-cooked bacon because it has lesser calories and decreased fat than pan-fried bacon strips. You can use any kind of bacon though. Real, melted butter will of course add a little more flavor to the dish but if your diet is not as forgiving, go for the no calorie butter spray. Bacon wrapped asparagus is a fantastic "go to" recipe when you want an alluring and "classy" side item on the plate.


Hope you enjoyed reading about these mouth watering asparagus menu ideas and can’t wait to try them out. Have fun cooking!


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Asparagus Menu