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OkroshkaPlanning a birthday party for your little one and looking for some great appetizer ideas? Here are some of the best Russian appetizer ideas which you can easily prepare for the birthday party.


Russia is the largest country in the world and Russian cuisine is the most popular cuisine in the world. Russian dishes, especially the appetizers, are quite easy to cook as they do not demand much skill and special ingredients.


Let’s check out the best Russian appetizers for your little one’s birthday party.



Russian appetizer ideas:






Okroshka is the mouth watering Russian cold soup. It is a classic soup mostly made with raw vegetables such as spring onions and cucumber. You can also mix boiled potatoes, eggs and meats such as beef and veal. You can garnish the soup with sour cream and enjoy it in the summer season. It is quite a refreshing soup.



Salted herrings:



Salted herring is the best Russian appetizer to be served for the birthday party. You can remove the skin of the fillets of salted herring and smear the fillets with mustard on both sides. Then they can be folded into a thick roll and kept in a glass jar. Pour some oil and keep refrigerated. Serve this tasty dish with boiled potatoes. The kids will love it.




Fish jelly:



Fish jelly is my kid’s favorite. You can easily make this Russian appetizer. The addition of gelatin and beaten egg into the broth gives the wonderful flavor and texture to the dish.  Before serving the dish, make sure to leave the jelly to set for at least 4-5 hours in the fridge. You can decorate the jelly with fresh herbs. It looks beautiful and tastes great.



Russian vinaigrette salad:



Russian vinaigrette salad is a healthy Russian appetizer as it is lactose free, gluten free and above all vegetarian. You can include all the colorful vegetables such as beets, carrots, cucumbers and sauerkraut to make a lovely Russian vinaigrette salad. This salad is a great relaxation from the usual potato salad.



Russian Chlodnik:


Russian Chlodnik


Chlodnik is a cold soup made with cream, radishes, cucumber, dill and beetroot. To make the soup thick, you can use either yogurt or sour cream. But if you want to use something low in fat, olive oil is the best thing to use. The beautiful pink color of the soup will definitely make the kids to grab more than one bowl of Russian chlodnik.


These are some of the Russian appetizer ideas which you can try at home yourself. Try these dishes and enjoy a memorable party.


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Russian Appetizer Ideas