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Few scrumptious African appetizersWhenever we talk about Africa, usually a dark, mysterious continent appears to our mind. But have you ever thought of African appetizer? Well this article is all about African cuisine and African appetizer ideas.


Africans normally use locally available fresh fruit, vegetables, cereals, milk and milk products for making their traditional dishes. The traditional African diet includes milk, curd and whey. Different regions of Africa have their own unique and scrumptious appetizers. Let’s see some of the best African appetizers which can be easily made in your own kitchen.





African appetizer ideas:



Boiled cassava:



Boiled cassava is a staple food of Africa which can be eaten as the appetizer or even as the breakfast item. It is made from the roots of yucca plant. The best way to enjoy boiled cassava is with butter, margarine or some spicy gravy.



Roast corn:



Roast corn is a very common food usually found on the streets of African countries. This is a very quick and easy African appetizer, which is prepared by grilling on an open fire. Before grilling the corns, make sure to remove the husk, otherwise you won’t get the true taste of the roasted corn.



Akara (Black eyed pea fritters):







Akara is an African dish which is mainly made with peeled black eyed peas. You can make the balls of these peeled peas and deep fry them. Akara is a very healthy delicacy which can be made in three zesty flavors- onion, corn and of course green peas.



Pepper meat:



Pepper meat is another mouth watering African appetizer which is also known by the name “shish kabobs roast meat”. It is a very spicy appetizer which can be liked by your family. You can make use of peanut butter while making pepper meat. This will keep the meat moist and tender. Pepper meat is quite perfect for any occasion, picnic or barbecue party.




African spiced vegetable salad:

African spiced vegetable salad



If you want to make something healthy, this African spiced vegetable salad is the perfect dish to try. You can use all your favourite fresh vegetables such as carrots, French beans, potatoes, cauliflower and celery. For tossing the salad, use cider vinegar. At the time of serving the salad, sprinkle black pepper and salt.


Thus these African appetizer ideas are quite easy and simple to make. So grab hold of a few dishes from the above list, and eat and live healthy.


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African Appetizer Ideas